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  • The Brexit chickens come home to roost 19/10/2021
    Brexit, It’s going soooo well isn’t it. The whole of the UK is basking in the sunlit uplands of empty supermarket shelves, fuel shortages, rising prices, a Northern Irish trade war which is teetering on the brink, plummeting exports, livestock being culled because of a shortage of meat processing workers, and a looming and entirely […]
  • Do as one says not as one does 17/10/2021
    COP26 hasn’t even started yet and already I’m wondering just how much projectile vomiting adds to your carbon footprint, because I don’t think I’m going to be able to get through the fortnight without severe nausea caused by the British media’s sycophantic brown nosing about the supposed contribution made to the proceedings by the British […]
  • SpeakGaelic is launched 15/10/2021
    It’s nice to be able to report something positive from the BBC for a change. No, the Corporation hasn’t finally admitted to its long term and systemic bias against Scottish independence and taken concrete measures to ensure that in the future its reporting on the Scottish constitutional question will be scrupulously fair and even-handed. Don’t […]
  • Perfidious Albion rides again 14/10/2021
    The phrase Perfidious Albion or Perfidious Angleterre has a very long history and an equally long justification. Otto the bishop of Freising in Bavaria used a similar phrase in the year 1191 to describe the untrustworthiness and bad faith of the English monarchy following a dispute between the crowns of England and Austria during the […]
  • One year on 12/10/2021
    Today marks the one year anniversary since I suffered what the medical staff in the hospital described as a massive stroke. An ischaemic stroke like the one I had occurs when a blood clot travels through the circulatory system and eventually gets lodged in one of the small arteries in the brain, blocking it. The […]
  • Scottish independence: the Tories’ worst nightmare 11/10/2021
    The Conservatives, as we all know, have a deep and abiding aversion to giving government money to those they deem poor or feckless – although of course if you are rich and feckless that’s quite a different matter. The Tories fall over themselves to give tax breaks, grants, and civil list payments to the obscenely […]
  • The Tories are erasing Scotland as a nation 10/10/2021
    It’s good to see that Alister Jack is being called out for his outrageous comments in the banal collection of britipologetic essays edited by the equally banal free Andrew Bowie published before the recent Conservative Conference. The essays were supposed to demonstrate the case for the Union, but all they have done is to highlight […]
  • Andrew Bowie’s bumper book of British banality 06/10/2021
    We’ve all been distracted by empty supermarket shelves, petrol shortages and soaring gas prices none of which have anything at all to do with the rank incompetence of the Conservatives and their fixation on getting the hardest possible Brexit as a favour to their money laundering friends, oh no. On top of that there’s the […]
  • The Tories are sinking in a sea of sleaze 05/10/2021
    The Conservative party conference in Manchester is still trundling on, rather like the Scottish Conservative party itself, long past the point where anyone is listening or cares what they have to say. It’s like a jaded reality show full of deeply unpleasant people that you’ve never heard of who claim to be celebrities, only instead […]
  • The delusions of Douglas Ross 03/10/2021
    In his speech to a fringe event at the Conservative party conference in Manchester this weekend, Scottish Conservative harrumphist in chief Douglas Ross vowed that his aim is to “end nationalism for good”. He was speaking to a fringe event because the Scottish Conservatives have been on the fringe of Scottish politics since 1955. Given […]