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  • Open Minds on Independence #23: A Holyrood you trust or Westminster you do not? 01/05/2021
    AS Westminster becomes embroiled in a new sleaze scandal over Boris Johnson’s redecoration of his Downing Street flat, the contrast between the standards of governance at the parliaments of Holyrood and Westminster has never been starker.
  • Scottish independence: Here's the truth about borders after a Yes vote 28/04/2021
    OVER the last few weeks in this series we have debunked the biggest myths about Scottish independence, but we also understand that some complexities and issues do lead to genuine concerns. One complex issue is the question of the border arrangements between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK (rUK) given that Scotland […]
  • Open Minds on Independence #21: Must Scots settle for cronyism and incompetence? 24/04/2021
    OUR ambition does not end with winning independence. That is just the start. It simply offers us the opportunity to create the country we want to live in.
  • Open Minds on Independence #20: Busting the last of the myths around independence 21/04/2021
    THIS is the concluding article in our three-part Open Minds mini-series taking on the myths we commonly see raised by Unionists as arguments against Scottish independence
  • Open Minds on Independence #19: Busting the old Unionist anti-indy myths 17/04/2021
    THE Westminster spin machine has generated many myths surrounding the independence question over the years. Our three-part article on the 10 most prominent scare stories and downright untruths about independence started in The National on Wednesday when we tackled three ridiculous claims. Today we bust another three myths and next Wednesday we’ll conclude with the […]
  • This is why the Westminster myths about independence are wrong 14/04/2021
    FOR as long as there has been a campaign for Scotland’s independence there has been an active Westminster spin machine pumping out a stream of myths designed to persuade people that it would end in disaster.
  • How Scottish independence could re-ignite the north-east energy sector 10/04/2021
    NORTH Sea oil has played a central role in the debate over Scotland’s economy and the country’s future since it was discovered in the 1960. It continues to be the subject of debate as we move away from fossil fuels towards the renewables which will help the world tackle the climate crisis and give our […]
  • This is the key to powering an independent Scotland’s future 06/04/2021
    RENEWABLE energy holds the key to powering Scotland’s future and our country is so richly blessed with prized natural resources that it is well-placed to become a key player in the sector. Unless, of course, our third North Sea bonanza in a row is mishandled by Westminster as our oil and gas and fishing sectors […]
  • Open Minds on Independence #15: How to future-proof Scotland's economy 03/04/2021
    EARLIER this week we looked at Scotland’s success as an innovation nation and why we need independence to help our country reach its full potential as a pioneering economy. Everyone knows about Scotland’s oil and gas, its incredible food industry and the sheer exporting might of the Scotch whisky sector.
  • This is how independence can boost our innovation nation status 30/03/2021
    ONE of the key drivers of a successful economy, especially one that wants to manufacture and exports high-quality, added-value goods is innovation. Scotland has a proven track record of being a highly innovative nation, and this can be one of the foundations upon which to build an exciting economic future, with contributions to information technology, life […]