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  • Better Together lie exposed as PM’s dirty trick robs every pensioner of up to £500 21/10/2021
    It’s almost impossible to believe today that so many Scots were duped by Better Together’s Project Fear tactics warning that a Yes vote in the 2014 independence referendum would threaten Scottish pensions. On Thursday morning we saw incontrovertible evidence proving that it is remaining part of a dysfunctional Union that is leaving pensioners poorer and […]
  • Scotland betrayed by Westminster’s broken carbon capture promises 20/10/2021
    Promises to make Scotland a world leader in carbon capture technology made by the UK government in its bid to woo voters in the 2014 independence referendum were yesterday revealed as a dirty trick. Westminster has now told Scotland that far from leading the world in this green initiative it will not now receive UK […]
  • Labour sets up commission to look at independence … in Wales 19/10/2021
    The Labour Party in Scotland may dismiss the independence debate as an irrelevance but the party in Wales has set up a Constitutional Commission which will consider independence as one of a range of possible futures for the country. Labour’s leader in Scotland Anas Sarwar spent the May Holyrood election arguing that constitutional issues were […]
  • Boris Johnson ‘may change his mind’ on indyref2 as pressure to back vote mounts 18/10/2021
    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson could well change his mind on his bid to stand against a second referendum on Scottish independence, the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said. “Boris has so far said that he is opposed to another referendum in Scotland, but he may change his mind … he changes his mind […]
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  • Believe in Scotland’s Big Indy Poll Results 17/10/2021
      Believe in Scotland surveyed 3,226 Yes supporters in order to take the temperature of the movement on a few key issues and this is what they told us. In a nutshell the 3,226 independence supporters who responded believe that: There will be a referendum before the end of 2023 Spring 2023 is the most popular […]
  • Revealed: UK’s paltry pension can’t provide even the most basic standard of living 13/10/2021
      The UK state pension is not big enough to support the bare minimum standard of living for a single person, according to a new report. And it warns that a quarter of employees are not on track to be able to afford it. The Retirement Living Standards report published by the Pensions and Lifetime […]
  • Independent wellbeing economy offers hope rather than Brexit chaos 12/10/2021
      Get Brexit Done … three words which won the Conservative Party the 2019 UK general election south of the Border and the driving force which pushed Boris Johnson to desperately pull together a dangerous and disastrous trade ‘deal’ as the January 1, 2021 deadline approached. Yet less than a year later Johnson’s government has […]
  • How the argument for Yes and UK intransigence are changing minds 29/09/2021
      Disillusionment with the UK and the disastrous effects of Brexit are driving a series of high-profile expressions of support for Scotland’s independence. Here are just five voices who believe pro-Union parties are failing to make their case. 1:  Jon Worth, a journalist and visiting professor at the College of Europe Mr Worth,  an expert on […]