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  • Vote Tory vote flag shagger, Vote Labour vote flag shagger 09/04/2024
    Voters in most of the UK have a very clear choice at the next Westminster general election, they can vote for the British flag shagging party, or they can vote for the British flag shagging party. Keir Starmer constantly boasts about how he has changed the Labour party, it is not an idle boast, he […]
  • A Tory solution to a Tory-made problem 03/04/2024
    You know that the performative cruelty and downright nastiness of this government has really gone over the top when it’s too cruel and nasty even for Conservative MPs. The Criminal Justice Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament, seeks to replace the 1824 Vagrancy Act. Although the bill supposedly repeals the English legal […]
  • Starmer’s devolution deceit 29/03/2024
    As he launched his party’s election campaign for the local and mayoral elections due in England on 2 May, a little over a month away, Keir Starmer promised that if he becomes Prime Minister after the Westminster general election expected to be held later this year his government will introduce “full fat devolution”. That’s a […]
  • Starmer’s most shameful U turn yet 26/03/2024
    Another day, another Labour U turn. It has got extremely tiresome to write that sentence, and no doubt equally tiresome to read it. Keir Starmer’s right wing U turns have become drearily predictable. At this point the only question is how many more can Starmer squeeze in before the general election. Probably quite a few […]
  • BBC Scotland: an irresponsible manufacturer of fake British nationalist outrage 18/03/2024
    Over the weekend Humza Yousaf unveiled a key plank of the SNP’s pitch to voters at the Westminster general election which is expected to be held later this year. The SNP will urge voters to vote SNP at that election in order to turn Scotland into a Tory free zone, obviously insofar as Scottish Westminster […]
  • Blog break 13/03/2024
    I’m afraid I won’t be doing my regular two or three blog posts this week as I am currently experiencing another bout of post stroke fatigue which is being exacerbated by the fact that I’m struggling with a flare up of psoriasis which is preventing me from sleeping properly. I will be back on Monday. […]
  • We’re all extremists now 06/03/2024
    It seems that we are all extremists now, Rishi Sunak has asked Levelling Up Secretary, the oleaginous Michael Gove, to update the Government’s definition of extremism so it has a much broader scope, encompassing those who “undermine” British values and institutions. The change is expected to be announced later this month and is expected to […]
  • Labour’s insidious threat to devolution 03/03/2024
    Anyone who was daft enough to have thought that a Conservative defeat at the next Westminster general election and Sunak’s replacement with a Labour government led by Keir Starmer would mean an end to British nationalist attacks on the devolution settlement is in for a very big disappointment. The right wing Labour party of Keir […]
  • Repaying Westminster contempt in kind 27/02/2024
    After last Wednesday’s disgraceful scenes in the House of Commons when Speaker Lindsay Hoyle acceded to pressure from Labour leader Keir Starmer to trash Commons conventions and effectively to turn what was supposed to be an SNP Opposition day debate on a ceasefire in Gaza into a Labour Opposition day debate, compounded by Monday’s arrogantly […]
  • Two words 22/02/2024
    On Wednesday MPs were due to debate and vote upon an SNP motion calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza describing the wanton slaughter of Palestinians by the misnamed Israeli ‘Defence’ Forces as collective punishment, which constitutes a war crime under international law. Starmer refused to support the SNP motion because of those two words. […]