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  • The task ahead 30/11/2021
    On Monday the First Minister addressed delegates on the last day of the SNP’s virtual conference and gave us all some much needed certainty about the timing of the second Scottish independence referendum, or at least as much certainty as is possible when the world is dealing with an inherently unpredictable global pandemic which has […]
  • A vote of no confidence in the Westminster system 28/11/2021
    There has certainly been no time in recent history when the need for Scottish independence has been so acute and pressing. We are now in a very different place from the independence campaign of the 2014 referendum. Back then it was still possible to believe that devolution was safe and that further powers could be […]
  • Johnson: the perfect figurehead for a corrupt and unreformable Westminster 24/11/2021
    The performance artiste with the stage name Boris Johnson who is treating the position of the Prime Minister of the UK as the world’s greatest improv gig does not currently have his troubles to seek. The fall out from his disastrously self serving decision to rip up independent oversight of Conservative MPs’ sleazebag side gigs […]
  • Not building bridges with the UK : making connections with independence 22/11/2021
    It was reported today that the “Boris Bridge” has been definitively cancelled. Most of Scotland was about as shocked and surprised at this development as it was at the revelation that bright orange is not in fact the natural skin colour of the cast members of The Only Way Is Essex or that there’s been […]
  • plus ça Westminster change, plus c’est la même chose de Westminster 18/11/2021
    There’s one thing that Westminster is very good at – you might even say that in this respect the UK really is world-beating. It’s just a shame then that what Westminster is world beating at is in finding ways to appear to be dealing with an issue while not actually changing anything at all. This […]
  • One million arguments for independence 16/11/2021
    If you read The National you will be aware that the paper is about to embark on a major initiative along with Believe in Scotland and the SNP to print over one million copies of a special eight page pro-independence newspaper and deliver it to homes across the country. I’m not involved with this project […]
  • The moral vacuum that is Johnson’s Westminster 14/11/2021
    As the Conservative sleaze scandal and the controversy surrounding second jobs for MPs, or in the case of Douglas Ross, third and fourth jobs, rumbles on, it has come to light that the Conservative MP for Moray, list MSP for the Highlands and Islands, leader of the Scottish Tories, and linesman for the SFA managed […]
  • A short break 08/11/2021
    I’ve not had a proper break for a while, and I’ve probably been overdoing it of late. I’ve been trying to build up my strength and stamina in my bad leg and walk outdoors without relying on the walking stick.  It has been going well but unfortunately the post-stroke fatigue is rearing its ugly head […]
  • Shining a light on Tory dark money 07/11/2021
    During the Scottish Parliament elections in May, the question of a second Scottish independence referendum dominated the campaign. It’s a measure of just how important and defining an issue for modern Scottish politics that the independence question has become that it even pushed the covidocalypse off top billing during the campaign. As we all know, […]
  • Joe Biden’s popcorn bowl 04/11/2021
    According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, a vile and frothing right wing British nationalist nightmare of a publication whose sole saving grace is that it is not quite as unhinged as the Express (although there’s not much in it), the paper was informed by a senior Tory MP that he Conservatives had […]