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  • Now Westminster uses Channel crossings as excuse for attacking Human Rights Act 29/11/2021
    Fears are growing that the Westminster government will use increasing attempts by desperate refugees to cross the English Channel for a better life in the UK as an excuse for attacks on the Human Rights Act. Leaks to right-wing newspapers suggest Boris Johnson told a meeting of the so-called Common Sense group of Conservative MPs […]
  • Transport review finally ditches Boris’ bridge/tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland 26/11/2021
    Boris Johnson’s much derided plans for a bridge or tunnel linking Scotland to Northern Ireland have been dumped from a long-awaited review of transport links within the UK. Network Rail chairman Sir Peter Hendy’s Union Connectivity report published today does not include the bridge, nor the tunnel alternative. Instead it recommends simply improving the road […]
  • As Brexit problems multiply… revelations that UK negotiator warned of £1500 cost per person 24/11/2021
    As hauliers brace themselves for significant new problems in transporting goods from Europe, it has emerged that Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator had put the cost of leaving the EU at £1,500 per person as long ago as 2015. Lord Frost is currently one of the hardest of the Brexit hard-liners in the UK cabinet. He […]
  • Westminster bid to open floodgates on NHS privatisation also threatens Scotland 23/11/2021
    Campaigners will gather outside the Westminster parliament later today to protest as MPs are expected to vote through radical plans to  ‘’open the floodgates ‘’ for more privatisation of the NHS in England. The UK government wants to widen the involvement of private companies in the running of the health service south of the Border. […]
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  • Scotland’s links to Flanders … post Brexit buddies looking for independence trade 25/11/2021
      Flanders has extended the hand of friendship to an independent Scotland by focusing on the ‘’enormous opportunity’’ of a trading partnership. The minister-president of Flanders, Jan Jambon, has said that ports in his region should start preparing as soon as possible for trade with an independent Scotland. Our ports must be ready to become […]
  • Rebuilding Scotland: an independent nation reflecting our shared values on wellbeing. 24/11/2021
      Socialism and Capitalism are dead, they are last centuries outdated ideas. Each has failed because of growing political tribalism, left and right grew so far apart in the 80s that the political elites realised they could rule from the centre-ground. Empty slogans took over, New Labour, Caring Capitalism – they failed because populism is […]
  • Massive pro-indy newspaper print run completed … now for delivery to one million homes 16/11/2021
      THE massive job of printing one million pro-independence newspapers produced in a joint project by Believe in Scotland, The National newspaper and the SNP has finished … and now the huge task of distributing them begins. Copies of the eight-page special newspaper will now be delivered by volunteers to a million homes across Scotland. […]
  • Inspirational new indyref2 message to reach 1 million homes in November 13/11/2021
      For the last month Believe in Scotland have been working in partnership with the SNP and The National to produce an 8-page newspaper that will be distributed to more than 1 million homes across Scotland in November. This is a co-branded initiative with the three main partners coming together to rethink and reposition independence […]