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  • ‘Brexit 2.0’ gives renewed urgency to the Scottish independence movement 20/09/2023
    Many people across Scotland including businesses and experts have not got their heads around “Brexit 2.0”: the new thicket of regulations that will be painful barriers to trade in goods and services with the EU. It is terrible news for the Scottish economy – but the fact that it is looming will boost the strength […]
  • Business for Scotland reacts to Humza Yousaf’s first Programme for Government 05/09/2023
    Today, Humza Yousaf lays out his first Programme for Government since taking over as leader of the SNP and First Minister. Yousaf, who ran for leadership on a platform of continuity and synergy with the previous administration, has stated that he hopes to reset his government’s relationship with the business community. Business for Scotland has […]
  • How will changes to tax duties affect Scotland’s whisky industry? 02/08/2023
    Whisky and drinks production in general is a vital industry for the Scottish economy. Distilling provides thousands of jobs and contributes millions to Scotland, and the wider UK’s, exports. Recently, Rishi Sunak has announced that the UK is changing how it classifies duty payments on alcoholic beverages, which will have a significant impact on the […]
  • 20 minute neighbourhoods – a guide to local living 31/07/2023
    In April this year, the Scottish Government published a consultation paper titled ‘Local living and 20 minute neighbourhoods’. The paper lays out the Scottish Government’s plans to introduce ‘20 minute neighbourhoods’ in an effort to increase access to services, reduce carbon emissions, rejuvenate local economies and improve physical and mental wellbeing. ‘20 minute neighbourhoods’ extend […]
  • To achieve a wellbeing economy, practice wellbeing philosophy 20/07/2023
    Dr Robbie Mochrie is a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Heriot-Watt University and a frequent contributor to the National on the Scottish economy.  Achieving wellbeing has been at the heart of economics since Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations nearly 250 years ago. Believing that wealth was the source of wellbeing, Adam Smith explored […]
  • The UK Gov is holding Scotland back in the race for hydrogen power 11/07/2023
    Scotland has ambitions to play a lead role in the green hydrogen economy. But the UK Government’s lack of a coherent strategy is holding it back and it is now falling behind the EU and the USA. Here we take a look at some key issues.  What is green hydrogen? Hydrogen is already in widespread […]
  • The Bank of England’s inflation strategy has the UK sleepwalking into a mortgage crisis 22/06/2023
    The next financial catastrophe in the UK will be laid at the feet of the Bank of England and will come in the form of a housing crisis. Today the Bank of England announced its thirteenth consecutive rate rise since December 2021. The Official Bank Rate now stands at 5% with markets pricing in a […]
  • The UK’s “Weak” National Grid is Crippling Scottish Business 16/06/2023
    The UK’s privatised national energy grid is “weak” and nowhere near where it should be to support the transition to green energy. For some privileged people like Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the lack of capacity can be overcome – he paid tens of thousands to upgrade the grid near his home to heat his personal […]
  • Scotland’s EU trade slowly strangled by Brexit red tape 08/06/2023
    For 16 months in a row, exports from the UK have fallen, due to Brexit. Businesses say they are losing their EU customers. They prefer to avoid the Brexit-related customs checks, delays and uncertainty that dealing with Scottish business now entails, by switching to suppliers in the single market.  The effects are uneven – oil […]
  • Five Ways the UK’s Immigration System is Hurting Scotland 02/06/2023
    It is clear that the UK Government’s approach to immigration is not working. It is unsuccessful in curbing immigration and has only resulted in treating anyone who tries to come to the UK as subhuman, with the Illegal Migration Bill being criticised for breaking international law. Scotland, however, has its own unique needs and challenges […]