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  • Scotland is ‘the loser’ from UK Government’s raid on oil and gas 14/03/2024
    UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said the oil and gas industry were the losers from the last budget. But he didn’t go far enough – he should have admitted that Scotland is the loser. Scotland’s economic future is at stake. Failing to manage the transition from oil and gas to renewables effectively would mean a massive […]
  • A Business for Scotland proposal to ring fence oil taxes for investment is now SNP policy 21/02/2024
    Many Scots are angry that the profits from the exploitation of Scotland’s oil for the last 50 years have gone south. There is little to show for the oil boom in Aberdeen and other areas where they were extracted. For years Business for Scotland has argued that the oil and gas companies who exploit this […]
  • Scottish business growth outpaces the UK in three key metrics 01/02/2024
    Scottish businesses are outperforming the UK average in terms of three key metrics, according to a recent report by respected accounting group ICAEW.  Profits growth, capital investment and export sales growth are all higher in Scotland than the UK average. These findings come after the news earlier this month that Scotland continues to be the […]
  • New Brexit import controls will hurt Scottish businesses and families 30/01/2024
    From tomorrow – and again in April – the UK Government will start imposing a battery of border controls on agricultural trade with the EU. Fierce protests from businesses have delayed these controls five times but they will go ahead this time in order for Rishi Sunak to appease the right wing of his party. […]
  • The Hallmark of the UK Economy is Stagnation 05/12/2023
    A new paper released yesterday by the Resolution Foundation gives an in depth look at the depth of economic stagnation the UK economy has faced since the 2007/08 Financial Crisis. The paper offers a list of possible solutions to the UK’s frankly horrendous economic performance over the last decade and a half, including recommendations to […]
  • Three reasons the new UK immigration package is bad news for Scotland 30/11/2023
    The two main UK parties are both committed to slashing immigration numbers. They don’t care if that means bad news for Scottish public services, Scottish universities, the Scottish economy – and the comfort and security of many New Scots. Both Labour and the Conservatives are tailoring their message to what will bring them votes down […]
  • Grangemouth closure is serious threat to Scotland’s energy security 23/11/2023
    Yesterday energy firm PetroIneos announced the closure of the Grangemouth oil refinery and a transition to operations as an imports centre within the next 18 months. Grangemouth is Scotland’s only oil refinery, producing over 70% of all of Scotland’s petrol and diesel. The closure is a worrying development, leaving Scotland without a centre to refine […]
  • HS2 collapse means Scotland is paying the price for another Westminster bourach 06/10/2023
    Business for Scotland predicted that HS2 would never be built. The fact the axe has finally fallen on most of the line comes as no surprise. The rag-bag of transport upgrades which PM Rishi Sunak announced in his Conservative Party Conference speech in its place are unconvincing and include little for Scotland. The main one […]
  • Why is Westminster giving fossil fuels firms a cut-price deal for Scotland’s oil? 03/10/2023
    Much of the response to the decision to give the green light to Rosebank oil field has focused on the climate change issues. Less has been said about the fact that the news will mean Equinor pays billions LESS in windfall tax.  That is because of a loophole in the UK Government’s windfall tax that […]
  • ‘Brexit 2.0’ gives renewed urgency to the Scottish independence movement 20/09/2023
    Many people across Scotland including businesses and experts have not got their heads around “Brexit 2.0”: the new thicket of regulations that will be painful barriers to trade in goods and services with the EU. It is terrible news for the Scottish economy – but the fact that it is looming will boost the strength […]