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The SNP has warned the UK government against jeopardising crucial cross-border initiatives in the fight against crime, terrorism and increasing security threats after Brexit.

The comments follow a new Home Affairs Committee report published today (Wednesday) on UK-EU security cooperation after Brexit, which urges the UK government to maintain its membership of, and access to, key EU cross-border security initiatives and organisations.

SNP MP Stuart McDonald, who is a member of the Home Affairs Committee, added that Brexit talks must see the UK seek to remain a member of Europol, and continue its full participation in the European Arrest Warrant.

The report also states that the UK government must start negotiations about future security cooperation “imminently,” given the “complex technical and legal obstacles to achieving such a close degree of cooperation as a third country.”

Stuart McDonald MP said:

“Our membership of the EU has been massively helpful in the fight against crime and terrorism thanks to initiatives like Europol, the European Arrest warrant and various information sharing schemes.

"The UK government must ensure that it does not jeopardise cross-border working with our EU partners in the fight against crime, terrorism and increasing security threats.

“As this report makes clear, replicating, or even coming close to replicating these arrangements if the UK leave the EU, will be incredibly difficult – if not impossible.

“The UK government must work to make sure it is not placing utterly ill-conceived obstacles in the way of ongoing security co-operation – such as red lines about a role for the European Court of Justice, and weaker data protection requirements than the EU generally requires of third countries. 

“The UK government has got us into this mess – it must be much more proactive and constructive in finding a way out, and ensuring security and the fight against crime is not harmed by leaving the EU.”

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