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SNP International Affairs spokesperson Stephen Gethins MP has said that the Tories cannot ‘blame anyone else’ for the mess they have created in fishing and that their blatant betrayal of the industry has proved once again that fishing in Scotland is an ‘expendable bargaining chip’.

The comments follow an Urgent Question at Westminster on the transition deal on fisheries and follows criticism from Scotland's fishing industry over the deal struck by the UK government.

Fishermen had been told they would regain full control over the country's fishing waters on Brexit day, 29 March, 2019. Instead, the UK will merely be "consulted" on fish quotas during the interim period, while remaining in the CFP.

Stephen Gethins MP commented:

“This is a blatant betrayal of Scotland’s fishing industry by the Tories, who cannot blame anyone else. It is no surprise to anyone who has observed the way the fishing industry has been treated by successive UK governments that they find themselves once again an ‘expendable’ bargaining chip.

“It is now absolutely clear that the Tories have sold out the Scottish fishing industry. Not only will the UK have to abide by CFP rules during the transition period, it will lose the voting rights it has now. The Tories have delivered the worst possible outcome for the sector – and they will never be forgiven.

“Scottish Tory MPs will now roll over and revert to their normal place as Westminster lobby fodder for this extreme Brexit Tory government and they are so arrogant they think they can do whatever they want to Scotland and get away with it.”

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