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The SNP has warned that potential post-Brexit trade deals must not put Scotland’s world-leading food and drink sector at risk, and has renewed its calls for EU food safety standards to be maintained when the UK leaves the EU. 

Lobby groups with considerable influence over policy and decision-making were invited to submit their priorities for any future deal between the US and the UK to the American government. The consultation received 133 responses, including many demands which would be “devastating” to Scotland’s agriculture and farming sector .
Some submissions outlined that beef sales from the USA to EU countries have been "flat over the past few years" and that they "cannot continue to justify the continued applications of non-science-based standards" on US exports to the UK following Brexit.
Other submissions called for the removal of restrictions and - in a threat to the UK's current Protected Geographical Indications - said that Britain should "remove currently imposed EU policy restrictions on the use of common cheese names in the UK".
These comments come just months after the president of America's National Farmers' Union, Roger Johnson, who speaks for over 200,000 farms in the United States, said that chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-injected beef should form part of any UK-US trade deal.
Emma Harper MSP said:
“As the UK edges closer to a cliff-edge Brexit, the grim reality of a trade deal with the US has been highlighted by these attempts by lobbyists with considerable political power over the American government, who would see Scotland’s food safety regime put at risk.
"The European Union single market is eight times bigger than the UK market, and possesses the clout to resist these types of calls. But the Tories at Westminster will be desperate to secure any kind of bargain basement trade deal with the US, whatever the demands.
"The Scottish food and drink industry is known around the world for its high quality standards - but this reputation could be smashed to pieces if the Tories desperately cave in to Donald Trump’s demands. The Tories appear to be determined to do everything they can to endanger farming and food production in Scotland.
“If the UK government accepts these conditions in a post-Brexit trade deal, it will be truly devastating to Scotland’s agriculture and farming industries.”
National Cattlemen's Beef Association submission to US Government: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=USTR-2018-0036-0059
The "non-science-based standards" being referred to by NCBA is the use of promotants, a small implant given in the ear that slowly dissolves to release hormone into the bloodstream, which is legal in the USA but was outlawed by the EU in 1988 due to animal welfare concerns and the possible link between cancer and HGP residues in meat for consumption by consumers.
National Milk Producers Federation and the U.S. Dairy Export Council submission to US Government: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=USTR-2018-0036-0066
US farmers say chlorine-washed chicken should be part of a UK free trade deal: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43899603


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