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A Glasgow MSP will today (Sunday) address an international conference on global nuclear disarmament, setting out the SNP’s long-standing opposition to nuclear weapons and re-iterating calls for Scotland to become a nuclear-free zone.

Bill Kidd is attending the Global Peace Forum in Pyeongchang, South Korea, to discuss plans for the global prohibition of nuclear weapons, alongside major international figures in the campaign for nuclear disarmament.
The summit is being attended by parliamentarians, anti-nuclear campaigners and experts in the field from the USA, Belgium, Japan and the Philippines, who are joining together to discuss the development of the UN’s Agenda for Disarmament by 2030.
Mr Kidd, co-president of the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) group in Scotland, said:
“At a time of such grave uncertainty across the world, Scotland is a leading voice on nuclear disarmament – leaving the UK looking badly out-of-touch with the vast majority of nations.
“The SNP, the Scottish Parliament and the people of Scotland firmly reject the hosting of weapons of mass destruction on Scottish soil, and Westminster should heed those calls.
“By taking a stand on immoral nuclear weapons, we can set a powerful example to the world, influence others and help shape the global agenda.
“The SNP has always been clear. When Scotland becomes an independent country, all nuclear weapons will be removed as quickly and safely as possible.
“Until then, we will continue to oppose their presence in Scotland and support the global fight for nuclear disarmament.”

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