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Ian Blackford MP said the Prime Minister was guilty of misleading the House of Commons over Brexit legal advice, after it was revealed this morning that her argument that the Irish backstop was temporary is not the case. 

It follows the publication of legal advice which shows the Prime Minister is giving Northern Ireland permanent membership of the Single Market and Customs Union, stating “despite statements in the Protocol that it is not intended to be permanent…in international law the Protocol would endure indefinitely.”

The SNP’s Westminster Leader called on the Prime Minister to explain why she continues to deny Scotland the rights and opportunities that her deal offers to other parts of the UK.

SNP MPs used Prime Minister’s Questions to highlight Tory incompetence over Brexit during a disastrous week for the UK Government.

SNP MP Stewart Hosie asked the Prime Minister why she continues to pretend that ending freedom of movement is a good thing, describing the move as “economically illiterate.”

Joanna Cherry MP raised the Scottish case which established the revocability of Article 50. She said the UK Government has lost three times - in Scotland’s Supreme Court, in the UK Supreme Court and in the opinion of the Advocate General yesterday - and asked the Prime Minister why she put so much public money and energy into depriving parliament of the legal certainty that her article 50 notice can be revoked.

Patricia Gibson MP asked the Prime Minister to advise the House when the UK Shared Prosperity Fund that will replace European Structural Funds will begin operation, as little or no information has been released, and if the Prime Minister agrees that clarity on the design of this and schemes such as the CAP, worth 5.6 billion Euros to Scotland, From 2014-2020, is urgently required.

Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said:

“This morning we have seen the detail of the legal advice - the facts this UK government tried to hide. Since the Prime Minister returned from Brussels with her deal the Prime Minister has been misleading the House.

"The permanency of the deal for Northern Ireland is not only different to what the Prime Minister has said previously, but makes clear the disadvantage Scotland faces by comparison.

“We were promised strong and stable. But what we have is a government in crisis. 

“This is a government that has lost 2 Brexit Secretaries. A Home Secretary. A Foreign Secretary. A Work and Pensions Secretary. A government that has suffered from three consecutive defeats – in just 2 hours. The first Government to do so in 40 years.

“And now a government found to be in contempt of Parliament. Responsibility for concealing the facts on her Brexit deal from members in this House and from the public. The Prime Minister is failing to take responsibility.”

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