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Ian Blackford MP has said the Prime Minster's inaction over the closure of 62 Royal Bank of Scotland branches 'reeks of hypocrisy’ after it's revealed she has campaigned to keep Post Office branches open in her own constituency.

As reported in today’s Scotland on Sunday, the Prime Minister urged her constituents in Maidenhead to campaign against Post Office closures  - which, like RBS, is also run by a limited company owned by the public.
The Prime Minister has repeatedly said she will not intervene in the RBS closures due to it being a 'commercial decision.'
SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said: 
"Theresa May’s inaction over RBS reeks of hypocrisy. She was prepared to condemn a commercial organisation for closing post offices in her own constituency, but now she brushes off our campaign to save very similar operations in Scotland.
"When it comes to Maidenhead –  Mrs May’s constituency - she is ‘astounded’ by the ‘suffering’ of customers hit by branch closures, asks what the Post Office ’has got against Maidenhead?’ and urges people to campaign to keep them open.
“When it comes to keeping bank branches open in Scotland, however, she claims it wouldn’t be appropriate to interfere in a commercial decision, despite being a majority shareholder of RBS.
"The SNP will continue to use every avenue to save the RBS branches still under threat of closure - it is time that the Tories and Labour got behind the campaign and put pressure on the Prime Minister to get the best outcome for Scotland."

Theresa May accused of hypocrisy:  Scotland on Sunday

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