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SNP MP Pete Wishart has warned that the Prime Minister is leading Scotland “down the road to ruin” with her government’s damaging Brexit plans.

The SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire – who sits on the influential Liaison Committee – questioned the Prime Minister today during the committee’s evidence session over the hit to Scotland’s economy, and the detrimental impact on public services if the UK Government continues to pursue its “blindfold Brexit” and damaging immigration plans.

Pete Wishart MP also raised the Prime Minister’s contradictions with her own Chancellor over economic forecasts that reveal that under all Brexit models the UK will be worse off.

Yesterday at PMQs, Theresa May denied comments made just hours earlier by her Chancellor Philip Hammond who told BBC Radio 4 that the Brexit deal will leave the economy “slightly smaller" and that "in pure economic terms, there will be a loss."

Philip Hammond also said that remaining in the single market – which is eight times the size of the UK market alone – would give the economy an economic advantage. The SNP has consistently put forward a compromise position which, short of remaining in the EU, seeks to keep the UK in the single market and customs union permanently.

New analysis by the Bank of England also revealed that “a disorderly no deal, no transition Brexit” could see unemployment rise 7.5%, inflation increase 6.5%, house prices fall 30%, and the pound fall in value by 25%

Commenting, Pete Wishart MP said:

“Separate economic analyses published by the Bank of England, the Scottish Government – and the UK Government itself – have revealed that under every possible Brexit scenario, including the Prime Minister’s deal, Scotland and the UK will be worse off.

“No one voted to be poorer and no one voted for the UK government’s blindfold Brexit, and unless Theresa May heeds the mounting evidence and changes course, then this Prime Minister is leading Scotland down the road to ruin.

“The Chancellor made clear that every possible Brexit scenario will leave the UK worse off, and that remaining in the EU would be better for the economy. The Bank of England revealed that ‘a disorderly no deal, no transition Brexit’ could see unemployment and inflation rise, and the pound fall in value. 

“The Scottish Government’s latest economic analysis also shows that the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal will hit Scotland’s GDP growth by £9 billion, leaving every Scot £1,600 worse off. The Prime Minister must get her head out of the sand and act.

“However, it does not just stop there. People across the UK, from young people at the start of their careers to those looking to retire abroad, have benefited immensely from freedom of movement. It will be those very people and our future generations that will lose those valuable rights to live and work in the EU. The Scottish Government’s analysis showed that the average EU citizen in Scotland adds £10,400 to government revenue and £34,400 to GDP each year.

“Freedom of movement from the EU is good for Scotland’s economy, for our businesses and our public services. The Tory government’s dangerous obsession with nonsensical immigration targets will have a detrimental impact on Scotland.

“Since the EU referendum two years ago, the Scottish Government has repeatedly set out a compromise position which – short of EU membership – seeks continued membership of the single market and customs union, which is eight times the size of the UK market alone. And if the opportunity to remain in the EU through a second referendum presents itself then we should seize that opportunity. Either of these options are better than Theresa May’s bad deal.”

Clip of SNP MP Pete Wishart questioning the Prime Minister at the Liaison Committee:

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