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Chancellor Philip Hammond admitted this morning that, accordingly to the UK government’s own analysis, “clearly... remaining in the European Union would be a better outcome for the economy” – the position backed overwhelmingly by the people of Scotland in the EU referendum, and which the SNP has said it would back again if the opportunity of a second EU vote was on the table.

Speaking ahead of the Prime Minister’s visit to Scotland today, the Chancellor also stated that remaining in the European Single Market – which is eight times the size of the UK alone – would give our economy an economic advantage. Remaining within the Single Market and Customs Union has been the longstanding SNP compromise position for over two years.
He admitted that the UK’s modelling does not in fact model the actual deal, as it has to be negotiated over the next two years.
The Chancellor explained that every possible Brexit scenario will make the UK poorer, and that leaving the EU on the basis of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal would leave the economy “smaller”.
This chimes with analysis published yesterday by the Scottish Government, which shows that most likely outcome of the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the future relationship with the EU will hit Scotland’s GDP growth by £9 billion, leaving every Scot £1,600 worse off.
Commenting, the SNP’s Treasury spokesperson at Westminster Kirsty Blackman said:
“The Prime Minister should listen to her Chancellor – Brexit will damage the UK economy, costing jobs, hitting incomes and shrinking our economy.
“As the Scottish Government set out in its analysis yesterday, this will mean £9 billion shaved off Scotland’s GDP. Or in other words, Theresa May’s bad deal with cost each of us £1,600.
“The Tories think they can do what they want to Scotland and get away with it, despite the fact we voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. But, with the right political will, we can get out of this mess.
“If the opportunity to remain in the EU through a second referendum presents itself then we should seize that opportunity – no Brexit scenario is better than the relationship with Europe we already enjoy.
“And, as the SNP has made clear for over two years, we’re willing to compromise and to give our backing to remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union – to protect jobs, incomes and our economy, which would be the least worst option if Brexit has to happen.
“People should not accept the Prime Minister’s false choice of a No Deal or a Bad Deal Brexit – both will damage our economy. We need better options back on the table.”

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