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Four months have elapsed since the publication of a key UK government report, which identified Peterhead’s “unique potential” for the development of a carbon capture and storage scheme.

The SNP has called last week’s UK budget a “huge missed opportunity” for the Chancellor to commit the funding needed to get this long anticipated project off the ground.

The Tory government has a woeful track record when it comes to developing the green technology in the North East. In the months leading up to the 2014 independence referendum, then Prime Minister David Cameron signed an agreement at Shell’s HQ in Aberdeen to deliver the £1 billion CCS project at Peterhead, which would have created 600 jobs. The Tories then betrayed the region by scrapping the scheme altogether in 2015.

Realising their error, the Tory government then wasted three years in re-identifying Peterhead as the prime CCS location in a report produced by their Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage Task Force in July this year. Despite the report’s recommendations, there has been little progress on delivery – with the SNP today demanding action.

MPs were warned earlier this week that governments and the oil and gas industry must embrace carbon capture technology as a priority.

Commenting, Banffshire and Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson who has been an energetic campaigner for developing CCS at Peterhead, said:

“The potential for Peterhead as the UK’s prime site for carbon capture and storage is in absolutely no doubt. The UK government’s own report identifies its ‘unique potential’.

“But sadly, successive UK governments have kicked CCS around like a political football.

“They used the promise of £1 billion investment as a bung in the 2014 referendum.

“Then they betrayed people in Buchan by scrapping the project a year later. Fast-forward another three years and it’s back on the table.

“But despite the UK government’s enthusiasm for the project in July, there’s been no signs of progress since – no deal signed, no timescale and no funding committed by the Chancellor in last week’s Budget. It was a huge missed opportunity.

“It’s high time the Tories got their finger out – invested in this technology to meet our climate change obligations, invested the billion they promised in the North East and delivered new jobs to boost the region.”

Oil and gas must embrace carbon capture MPs warned –

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