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SNP delegates in Glasgow have called on the Scottish Government to consider action to tackle the gender pay gap and explore the option of prohibiting public bodies from asking for salary history in the recruitment of employees to ensure that women are consistently paid a fair market value for their skills.

The practice perpetuates ingrained structural discrimination and has been reported to unfairly affect women, meaning they could face being paid less than a man in the same role.

The SNP have taken considerable action to tackle the gender pay gap, demanding that all public authorities with more than 20 employees publish their pay gap every two years. Funding has also been doubled to support businesses led by women and a women returners scheme has been established, to help women regain confidence and skills they may have lost during career breaks.
Commenting, SNP Spokesperson for Fair Work and Employment at Westminster Chris Stephens MP said:
“Whilst the full-time gender pay gap in Scotland is lower than the UK as a whole, showing the proactive approach that the SNP at Holyrood have taken, we are well aware that there is more work to do to address this.

“For too long, employers have been able to get away with underpaying women by asking for their salary history. This is a systemic problem that perpetuates the issue of the gender pay gap.

“Bringing this debate to party conference means the awareness of the issue is raised once again and I am delighted that SNP members have reaffirmed our party’s commitment to tackling the gender pay gap with deeds, not just empty words.

“Whilst the Tories and Labour are in turmoil, the SNP will continue to lead the way in tackling gender inequality.”

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‘Last-day surge shows almost 10,000 firms published gender pay gap figures’ - https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/16137780.Last-day_surge_shows_almost_10_000_firms_published_gender_pay_gap_figures/


Conference recognises that the gender pay gap has been consistently lower in Scotland than in the rest of the UK, but there is still work to be done to increase gender equality in Scotland's labour market.

Conference understands that interviewers requesting salary history perpetuates ingrained structural discrimination against women and contributes to the gender wage gap.

Conference calls on the Scottish Government to explore the option of prohibiting public bodies from asking for salary history in its recruitment of employees to ensure that women are consistently paid a fair market value for their skills.

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