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The SNP continues to raise its ambition in government, with Scotland seeing the introduction of a range of world-leading measures to create a fairer, more prosperous country.

Ahead of the party’s Annual Conference in Glasgow this week, the party has highlighted a host of key industries and policies in which Scotland is setting an example to the world in terms of progressive policies – whether that’s ambitious climate change policies, free sanitary products in schools, radical measures to tackle alcohol misuse or Scotland’s childcare revolution.
The clear policy direction of the SNP in government – delivering for today, investing for tomorrow – is in stark contrast to the complete disarray and all-consuming Brexit that the Tories are presiding over at Westminster.
As the SNP continues to stand up for Scotland, in spite of the damage that Brexit is likely to inflict on jobs and living standards, more and more people are drawn to the party’s values – with the SNP recently overtaking the Tories as the second largest party by membership in the UK. That record and ambition in government continues to underpin the case for Scotland to take all decisions in government for itself with the full powers of independence.
Some of the ways Scotland is leading the world:
-       The toughest climate targets anywhere and world’s first Climate Justice Fund
-       Working to end public grants for exploitative employers
-       First country in the world to provide free sanitary products in schools, colleges and universities.
-       Home to the world’s biggest arts festival, world-leading video games sector and more top universities per capita than any other country, bar Luxembourg.
-       First country in the world to introduce Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol.
-       Taking action to reduce violence which is being copied by London and other major cities.
-       Funding research into the feasibility of a citizens’ basic income.
-       Pioneering measures to grow the economy such as a National Investment Bank and publicly-owned not-for-profit energy company.
-       Consistently topping international rankings for performance on equality and LGBTI rights.  
Commenting, Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:
“With the SNP leading its government, Scotland is forging ahead and proving world-leading examples of progressive policies in action.  
“Our record in government is one of delivering for the people of Scotland: creating a fairer, more prosperous country with strength in our public services and fairness at the heart of what we do.
“But we’re conscious of the challenges of the future are considerable, and these are not unique to Scotland.
“Climate change affects every single one of us – it’s a threat that should never be understated. That’s why we’re setting the most ambitious climate change targets anywhere in the world. That’s part of our global responsibility.
“Addressing poverty and inequality across the global is one of the biggest challenges of our times. That’s why we’re standing up to exploitative employers by seeking to end support they get from public funds. 
“It is a fact that 100 years after some women first earned the right to vote, we still have not reached parity in the workplace or in public life. We’re tackling this injustice head on.
“In facing up to Scotland’s historic challenges on public health, we became the first country to take action to save lives through introducing a Minimum Unit Price for alcohol – in face of stiff opposition from big business.
“This is the sort of Scotland we want to build for the future – healthier, fairer, greener, more prosperous for everyone. And we will do all we can with the powers we currently hold to deliver on that ambition.

“But Brexit draws into sharp contrast the vision and determination of the SNP versus the chaos and despair of the Tories at Westminster.
“As soon as Scotland has all the powers of an independent country in our hands, the sooner we can use those to build a better, wealthier country where no one is left behind.” 
Notes - attached briefing on how Scotland leads the world under the SNP:

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