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The Scottish National Party has slammed the Prime Minister for robbing future generations of opportunity after Tory immigration plans were set out at their party conference today.
Theresa May confirmed that the UK Government plan to bring in an immigration policy post-Brexit that will discriminate based on salary, which could see British citizens having to apply for American-style authorisations and visas to visit and work in Europe. The Prime Minister also reaffirmed her government’s intent to cap immigration at an arbitrary figure of ‘the tens of thousands’.
The SNP has long campaigned for an migration policy suited to Scotland’s specific circumstances and needs and against the Tory Government’s demonisation of migrants, calling on the UK Government to devolve the necessary legislative powers to the Scottish Parliament..
Commenting, SNP spokesperson on Immigration at Westminster Stuart McDonald MP said:
“Once again, the Prime Minister has shown that her focus lies with placating hard-line Tory Brexiteers rather than accepting the huge economic benefits of migration to the UK as a whole. The theme of Tory party conference may be opportunity, but that is exactly what they will be robbing future generations of if plans to end freedom of movement are realised.
“The European Parliament’s Brexit chief, Guy Verhofstadt, has already ruled out a migration system based on discrimination of skills or nationality, so we know that the Tory plan won’t fly  if we are to secure any sort of close relationship with the EU. The Prime Minister must now wake up to reality and see that discriminatory policy based on arbitrary figures to keep her back-benchers happy is ridiculous.
“It is also ludicrous that people in Scotland and across the UK may be forced to apply for US-style visas or authorisations to visit Europe. The UK Government’s plan to end freedom of movement will have a devastating impact on Scotland’s economy and on the future opportunities of our citizens and businesses.
“This shambolic approach to immigration by the Prime Minister makes SNP calls for the devolution of immigration powers to Holyrood more timely than ever and I repeat these calls so that the Scottish Parliament can introduce an immigration policy that enriches our nation and our economy.”
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