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Ruth Davidson’s displayed her “unbelievable arrogance” in addressing the UK Tory conference by seeking dictate to the people of Scotland that they should have no choice in deciding their own future.

In an ill-judged speech, the Scottish Tory leader set out how she would seek to reverse the SNP’s clear mandate for an independence referendum – despite her party having less than a quarter of support among voters in Scotland.
Ruth Davidson used her conference platform to reassert her support for a jobs-wrecking Brexit, which would leave Scotland significantly worse off, despite her previous fulsome support for remaining in the EU and protecting Scotland’s place in the Single Market.
In adding her backing for a beleaguered Prime Minister in her chaotic Brexit negotiations which seem increasingly doomed to fail, Ruth Davidson has positioned herself firmly at odds with public opinion in Scotland – and will likely see support ebb further away from an already unpopular Tory party.
Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:
“Ruth Davidson wants to silence Scotland’s voice – she thinks the people of Scotland should have no right in determining their own future.
“Denying that opportunity, and ignoring the unequivocal mandate that the SNP has from the people of Scotland, would be fundamentally undemocratic.
“And coming from the leader of a party with the support of less than a quarter of voters in Scotland, it demonstrates an unbelievable degree of arrogance.
“We know that Ruth Davidson is a sell-out – she used to be a vocal advocate for remaining in the EU, and keeping Scotland in the Single Market. But today she’s doubled down on support for Theresa May’s jobs-wrecking Brexit which will cost Scotland’s economy dearly, put our NHS at risk, drive businesses into the ground and leave us all worse off.
“In doing so, she’s found herself increasingly at odds with public opinion in Scotland – and when the damage of Brexit unfolds in the months ahead, she won’t be able to wash her hands of those grave consequences.
“The SNP believes that it should be up to the people of Scotland – not Ruth Davidson or Theresa May – to determine their own future.
“And we will continue to fight tooth and nail to protect Scotland’s interests by remaining in Europe’s Customs Union and Single Market, which is around eight times bigger than the UK market alone.”

Quotes from Ruth Davidson on Brexit:

  • “There is no doubt in my mind that there will be a large economic cost of Brexit.” (FT, 21/06/16)
  • "My big issue is this. You don't fund schools and hospitals…by crashing the economy and that's what leaving the EU would do" (BBC Debate, 21/06/16)
  • "There's no question in my mind that that staying part of the EU is the right answer. Thousands of Scottish jobs are reliant on the exports we sell within the EU." (09/06/16)

Quote from Ruth Davidson on Single Market:

  • “Retaining our place in the single market should be the overriding priority”. (30/06/16)

Quotes from Ruth Davidson about independence and referendums:

  • “Let me be clear: nobody, not me, not anyone, is expecting the SNP to give up on independence. That’s what it believes in & it’s a perfectly honourable position to take.” (09/06/17)
  • “I have never said it should be denied…Constitutionally the UK Government shouldn't block it, no." (Sunday Politics, 03/07/16)
  • “If the SNP puts in its manifesto that it has an intention to hold a second referendum . . . I think it does have a mandate to hold one.” (Guardian, 15/06/15)
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