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Ruth Davidson has been accused of hypocrisy from Brexit to the Rape Clause. 

Alison Thewliss MP said the Scottish Conservative Leader has developed a selective memory following a range of recent interviews she has given to promote her new book. 
On Brexit: 
Despite campaigning for Remain and then arguing the case for continued membership of the Customs Union and Single Market to protect the UK economy, Ruth Davidson has continued to support a Tory Brexit. When asked recently if she 'could say Britain will be better off under a Chequers Brexit than it would be staying in the EU', she said "I think in the longer term that the United Kingdom can go on and have a prosperous relationship with the rest of the world, absolutely."
On the Rape Clause:
When pressed about her party's position on the Rape Clause, Ruth Davidson said 
"I am absolutely on-board, if there is a better way of doing it… well, let's look at how we do that." and "Now, let's find a way that we can make that easier for them, absolutely," however in reality, the Scottish Tory leader has refused to ever call for a scrap the two child cap which has affected 74,000 families across the UK and has resulted in 190 women having to re-live the trauma and indignity of the rape clause.
On gender: 
Ruth Davidson told BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour that when she worked at BBC Scotland, she found out she didn't have equal pay with a male presenter and said it taught her "a sense of imbalance," however as Scottish Conservative Leader she instructed her party to vote against the Gender Representation on Public Boards Act 2017.
Commenting, Alison Thewliss MP said:
"Ruth Davidson's recent interviews have been jaw-dropping - she seems to have conveniently adopted a selective memory as she tours the studios to flog her new book.
"The Scottish Tory Leader's latest comments on the Rape Clause have been particularly shocking. People in Scotland have literally been taking to the streets to protest against this callous and inhumane policy where victims of rape are forced to make a disclosure and tick a box along side their child's name to receive tax credits. Ruth Davidson has refused to budge on this degrading policy, yet in a Women's Hour interview she claims to be keen on looking at a 'better way' to do it. Well, scraping the two-child policy which will push over a million children in the UK in to poverty - which she refuses to do - would end this problem.
"As Ruth Davidson continues to support her party's disastrous Brexit plans - we have not forgotten her stance as a Remain campaigner and her earlier warnings against leaving the Customs Union and Single Market. 
"It's painfully ironic that Tory policies and actions disproportionally affect women - yet the party's leader has been discussing women's empowerment as she promotes her book."
On Brexit (C4)
KGM: Brexit, what do you think is going to happen?
RD: I think there will be a deal. I think it is going to be one of these ones, and you have covered enough European negotiations that you know that deadlines kind of come and go, and at midnight and at 4am people come stumbling out the room, and I have been a journalist and I have seen and reported on these too, but I think there will be a deal. 
KGM: Can you say Britain will be better off under a Chequers Brexit than it would be staying in the European Union having campaigned for remain?
RD: Well, I have argued that constitutional change brings with it economic instability and I think in the longer term that the United Kingdom can go on and have a prosperous relationship with the rest of the world, absolutely. But do I think there will be disruption? I have always argued that big constitutional change brings economic disruption and I haven’t changed that. Unfortunately, I didn’t win that referendum, I was 4% shy, and I will live with not being 4% good enough at that Wembley debate for the rest of my life, and that scar is always going to be on my back. 
RD: I think I would be pretty hypocritical if I had spent four years saying to Nicola Sturgeon, ‘you said you would respect a referendum result and now you're asking for another one’, no, if I was now advocating there would be another referendum on Brexit just because I had lost. 
On rape clause (R4 Woman's Hour)
JG: how do you, with all your empathy and compassion for the vulnerable, how do you marry that with, for example, defending the Rape Clause? Can you actually imagine what it might be like to sit down and fill in a form because you're desperate enough, frankly, you need those extra benefits, you have to fill in a form about how your child was conceived through rape.  Truly, I can't think of anything more difficult than that.  How do you defend it?
RD: Again, this is about making sure that people who have been in that situation (that terrible situation) are able to access more from the state.  It is when the two-child cap was brought in people said, but what about people in this particular situation and the party in  the U.K. went to organisations to look at how things were done, so for example, people who have suffered domestic abuse etc, and had adopted the same processes.  Now, I am absolutely on-board, if there is a better way of doing it… well, let's look at how we do that, but in terms of should people who find themselves in this situation because of that sort of terrible, terrible crime being perpetrated against them, should they get more from the state?  Absolutely they should get more.  Now, let's find a way that we can make that easier for them, absolutely.  But this idea that the cap should apply to them, well, it definitely shouldn’t.  
On gender(R4 Woman's Hour)
Said when she was at BBC Scotland  she found out she didn’t have equal pay with male presenter on Newsdrive and “I think what it taught me was the sense of imbalance.  …  I still felt like all of the power was on one side of the desk and it wasn’t the side of the desk I was sitting on, and I think that - although it is a very blunt instrument, bringing in the gender pay gap reporting requirements this year  will help us take a step forward in terms of, certainly, big companies having to report what the difference is and even thinking about it.  

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