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Dear Friends,

Six months. We have six months until the UK leaves the EU, but it’s difficult to see any plan from the UK Government beyond satisfying the hard Brexiters and clinging on to power until March 2019.  

In order to ‘take back control’, MPs need to know whether Article 50 can be revoked or whether it’s a done deal. The UK Government is so reticent to answer this, we’ve had to take them to court. My colleague Joanna Cherry QC has written a fine piece here outlining the issues:

To be clear, the court-case is not in itself an attempt to derail Brexit. It is an attempt to ensure that there is legal clarity on all possible options and for MPs to be aware of all possible options when they vote on the terms (or absence thereof) of withdrawal. Yes, I’ve no doubt that a majority has now swung to Remain, but I’m wary of telling folk ‘you did it wrong, try again’ after a vote, at least not until every option has been considered.

Politicians may have their differences, but there’s a genuine cross-party cross-Parliament campaign to do what’s best for the country. Thank you for all your support so far.

Yours aye,


Britain still has to decide what it wants from the EU negotiations.

The likelihood that post-Brexit Britain will suffer severe economic shocks is growing, and what does it mean for the West?

No second referendum, says Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire says the UK Brexit proposal would undermine the EU. “Sorry to put it bluntly, but what is more important for us than the future of the UK is the future of Europe.”

No-deal Brexit means bad news for ferrets, airlines and Scotch, says Deutsche Welle.

The Centre for European Reform says May can still avoid no-deal, but it won’t be easy.

Don’t panic, the UK Government has appointed a minister to protect food supplies in case of a no-deal Brexit.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) warns that a customs delay of just 30 minutes could bankrupt one in 10 firms.

Meanwhile, Irish firms are stockpiling goods in the UK to safeguard their supply chains in the event of no-deal Brexit.

Brexit is both exciting and not exciting at all.

The Scottish Parliament debated Scotland’s role in UK Trade Arrangements

Click here to read the discussion paper on Scotland’s Role in the Development of Future UK Trade Arrangements

Theresa May has a constitutional duty to admit the truth – there is no positive outcome equally acceptable to the EU and the UK, says Jolyon Howorth.

Bad news for pet owners who like to travel – puppy passports will end with a no-deal Brexit.

The UK insists that the Northern Irish assembly would have to vote on a backstop solution to the Irish border. It’s worth noting that the Assembly hasn’t sat for 20 months.

Tory MEPs have received a thank you letter from Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, after they backed him against European Parliamentary sanctions.

Here’s why they should be ashamed.

A ‘no-deal’ Brexit could see flights grounded.

A blistering piece from Ian Dunt here. “After an evening of late night politicking, the Labour leadership has taken grassroots demand for a People's Vote and turned it into a position which is even more pro-Brexit than the one they had going in.”

But it’s not over yet. Thanks to Stirling For Europe who hosted me last weekend, despite the drizzle! This is a team game and we can beat Brexit together.

Alyn Smith

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