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The SNP’s Europe spokesperson has criticised Theresa May of being "utterly disingenuous" over her post-Brexit business rhetoric, whilst firms in the UK warn that they face bankruptcy in the event of a Tory-driven no-deal outcome.

In a speech to business leaders in New York today, Theresa May stated that the UK after Brexit will be “unequivocally pro-business.”

However, following a survey of more than 1,300 UK and EU-based supply chain managers, the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) revealed that delays of just half an hour at UK ports could potentially lead to one in ten UK firms going bankrupt if the UK left the EU without a deal – an increasingly likely scenario as the EU rejected Theresa May’s Chequers proposals last week.

The CIPS added that alongside longer queues at the border, businesses would also face an increase in paperwork and checks in order to clear customs – with Honda’s European head warning earlier this month that a no-deal Brexit could add up to 60,000 pieces of additional paperwork.

SNP MP Peter Grant added that the business community will require more than warm words given the Tory government has repeatedly ignored calls made by the business community for the UK to stay in the customs union to protect businesses.

Earlier this year, the head of the CBI employers’ organisation, Carolyn Fairbairn, said that staying in the customs union is a “practical, real-world answer” to the current Brexit chaos.

Commenting, Peter Grant MP, said:

“The economic evidence continues to mount against the dangers posed by a Tory hard Brexit, yet Theresa May is intent on pressing down hard on the accelerator as we edge closer to the Brexit cliff-edge.

“While the Prime Minister delivered her so-called pro-business message in New York, one in ten firms back home in the UK are facing bankruptcy if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal, with businesses also facing a mountain of paperwork and checks in order to continue operating. 

“Theresa May is guilty of being utterly disingenuous. If the Prime Minister is intent on being ‘unequivocally pro-business,’ then she must heed the unequivocal calls from the business community that staying in the customs union is vital in order to protect our economy.

"However, companies and their workers will need much more than warm words from the Prime Minister given the flippant attitude of her Brexit Secretary who staggeringly claimed that struggling businesses in the UK are choosing to blame Brexit, rather than taking responsibility for their own loss in profits.

“The Tory government's Chequers proposal is in tatters. It has been rejected by the EU, as well as by a sizeable number of the Prime Minister's own backbenchers – and it’s high time the Tory party ended its hypocritical, narrow-minded and divisive approach to Brexit, and instead worked with the devolved governments, the business community and other organisations, to protect Scotland and the UK’s economy, jobs and living standards.”

Customs delays of 30 minutes will bankrupt one in 10 firms, say bosses:

CBI calls for UK to stay in an EU customs union for the long term:

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