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Half of those affected by Richard Leonard’s proposed ‘windfall tax’ would be pensioners – raising doubts over how those hit would afford to pay. 

The Scottish Labour leader used his conference speech to propose a “1% windfall tax on Scotland’s wealthiest 10%” which he claims would raise £3.7bn. But official figures show that 49% of those affected are pensioner households. 

SNP MSP Bruce Crawford commented:

“Scottish Labour have had a terrible conference – with Richard Leonard trying to out-Tory the Tories on the democratic right of the people of Scotland to decide their future. That is a ridiculous and untenable for Labour to be in and shows just how irrelevant they now are. 

“Labour’s plan for a one-off tax are completely half-baked. Half of those hit by this £3.7 billion tax bill would be pensioners – for whom having a house does not necessarily mean having a high income. 

“For many of those would be hit, their ‘wealth’ could be little more than their home and pension. How is Richard Leonard expecting those pensioners to afford a one-off tax bill?

“The SNP have made serious, progressive reforms to our tax system, which see those on higher incomes paying a fairer share. Rather than more half-baked plans for Labour or reheated proposals of federalism-some-day, we should take full controls over tax and welfare in Scotland to continue to tackle inequality.”

In the top decile of wealth in Scotland, 31% are a pensioner couple, 6% are single pensioners and 12% are a couple with one pensioner – 49% in total.

Wealth and Assets in Scotland, 2006-2014

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