Thursday, 20 September 2018 05:54


e Tories plot to rip up those standards after Brexit just to placate Donald Trump.

“That threatens to usher in imports of chlorinated chicken, hormone-injected beef, and who knows what else.

“It would also damage the livelihoods of Scottish farmers, and threaten the success of our booming food and drink industry.

“The huge threat to Scotland’s economy and devolution settlement from a Tory extreme Brexit is becoming clearer by the day.

“By undermining the value of quality Scottish produce, and risking our access to the EU market of 500 million consumers, the UK government would cause long-lasting harm to our food and drink sector - hitting businesses and destroying jobs across Scotland.

"These plans reveal the damaging reality of the Tory power grab on the Scottish Parliament. The mask has slipped, and the UK government's motives for ripping up the devolution settlement to steal powers back to Westminster have been exposed.

"The UK government must immediately rule-out any attempt to scrap or water-down Scottish food standards, and ditch its plans for a hard Brexit before it is too late."

'Liam Fox is plotting to scrap EU food standards to win a Brexit trade deal with Trump' -

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