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SNP members will today (Sunday) gather in Edinburgh for the ‘biggest ever’ National Assembly.
National Assembly is the forum for the development of policy within the SNP. Policy is debated and discussed before being presented to the party for approval at National Council or National Conference. Resolutions from the National Assemblies are likely to be presented to National Council in December and the 2019 Spring Conference.

Speaking ahead of the event which he will chair, the SNP’s Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP highlighted Scotland’s economic strengths and its great potential:
“After ten years of progressive economic initiatives, Scotland’s economy – despite the challenges we face – is in far better shape than the Tories and other anti-independence parties like to make out.
“Growth per head over the last year outstripped the rest of the UK, we have narrowed the productivity gap and Scottish exports have increased by 7% to £28.8 billion – growing at a faster rate than all the other nations of the UK.
“Youth unemployment and women’s unemployment are lower than they are in the rest of the UK and this week we learned of the next steps in establishing a Scottish National Investment Bank. Its potential to transform Scotland’s economy is huge.
“Confidence is building in what Scotland can become. But as part of the UK we face huge threats, not of our making.
“Only with independence can Scotland unleash its full potential and become the modern, prosperous and fairer country we all want to see.”
Looking ahead to today’s National Assembly, he added:

“The most rewarding part of my new role as Depute Leader has been the opportunity to meet with and listen to members from across the country at the SNP’s National Assemblies.
“Wide-ranging and vibrant debates on the Sustainable Growth Commission, and a great deal besides, in the Highlands and in Ayrshire will be followed by the biggest event yet, today in Edinburgh.
“And this is just the start of the conversation. Specially built resources will allow branches from across the country the opportunity to have their say on the work of the Sustainable Growth Commission and wider discussions are ongoing.

“Our party and the independence movement is in great health. A poll just this week showed a majority would vote for Scottish independence after the UK leaves the European Union. The latest Social Attitudes Survey showing that the number of people view independence as a positive for Scotland’s economy now outnumber those who believe otherwise.

"These indications are greatly encouraging as we continue to build the fresh case for an independent Scotland.”

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