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SNP MSP Richard Lochhead has called on the UK government’s Consumers Minister to visit Moray to hear the concerns of local residents over the rip-off surcharges that many people across Scotland continue to face – after the Tories yet again refused to change the law to protect Scottish consumers.

The Moray MSP, who has been leading the campaign for Fair Delivery Charges, has said that the UK government is “out of touch” with Scottish issues – with their refusal to change the law to protect Scottish consumers showing they simply don’t care about ending the rip off surcharges for good.

Last month, Richard Lochhead sent a second dossier of examples of rip-off fees to the Advertising Standards Authority, urging them to clamp down further on the unfair practices which cost Scots £36 million every year.

Commenting, Richard Lochhead said:

“I am very disappointed with the UK Government’s reply that comes across as so out of touch with the strength of feeling over this issue in Moray and much of Scotland. 

“Kelly Tolhurst, the UK Consumers Minister, is brushing aside the case for legislation when Ministers should at least be undertaking a regulatory review because of the thousands of on-line retailers who are continuing to fleece customers in Moray and the North of Scotland. Some companies are still imposing unjustifiable parcel delivery surcharges and many are also misleading customers when they appear to offer free UK delivery.” 

“It is ironic that when highlighting action taken by others as a reason why legislation is not required to tackle this issue, the Minister astonishingly points to my own dossier I sent to the authorities that led to enforcement notices going to 124 companies who were misleading customers. If we are to take this matter seriously we need more meaningful action from the UK Government which has responsibility for regulating this issue. 

“As a result of my Fair Delivery Charges campaign that has attracted cross-party support, this has become a national issue and I continue to be inundated with new cases all the time so clearly the current laws are not acting as enough of a deterrent.  I welcome the action that has been taken to date by many of the authorities but much more needs to be done.

“I do feel that if this was an issue affecting the Minister’s own backyard, it would be treated as much more of a priority and I will now be seeking a meeting with Ms Tolhurst to explain the many reasons why more action needs to be taken to stamp out absurd parcel delivery surcharges and companies that mislead customers by either making offers of free delivery that are not honoured or by failing to delivery in agreed timescales or even deliver at all to some parts of Moray and Scotland.”

Reply from UK Government to Richard Lochhead:

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