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The SNP’s Westminster Immigration spokesperson, Stuart McDonald MP, has called on the UK government to scrap its “nonsensical” net migration targets, echoing recommendations in a new report published by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). 

The report - titled Open and Controlled: A New Approach to Migration - sought evidence from 129,000 firms across 18 industry sectors, concluding that the UK government should “build public trust in the UK’s migration system by shifting away from controlling numbers.”

The findings also stated that there is a desire amongst the business community for reform of the UK’s non-EU immigration system so that firms “can better access people and skills from around the world, not just the EU,” and ensuring that the “transition to any new migration system is done with respect for people and in an orderly manner.”

Commenting, Stuart McDonald MP said:

“I welcome calls from the CBI to scrap Theresa May’s nonsensical net migration target - which is an act of economic self-sabotage.

“The SNP has consistently called for an end to the Prime Minister’s hostile environment policy, and for a shift to an evidence-based immigration policy which supports our economy in a challenging post-Brexit environment.

“The SNP position is that there must be a root-and-branch review of immigration policy and that review should be based on facts - not on the ideological interests of the Tory party. 

“The UK government has repeatedly promised an immigration white paper - and an immigration bill - over the past year, yet it has shamefully failed to deliver, with only a matter of months left before the UK leaves the EU.

“The Scottish Government has set out the overwhelmingly strong case for Scotland to have the power to tailor its own immigration policy to reflect its unique demographic needs. The proposals in a discussion paper on migration earlier this year, set out ways for Scotland to have a greater say on UK migration policy including; a Scotland specific migration system, setting a specific criteria to address Scotland’s needs, a new body to administer the policy, and powers to make it easier for family members to join citizens and migrants in Scotland.

“It’s high time the UK government ended its narrow-minded approach, and instead worked with the devolved governments in order to protect our economy, the business community and hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

Open and Controlled: A New Approach to Migration:

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