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SNP politicians from across Tayside have challenged the Prime Minister to commit to funding a Tay Cities Deal and to match the Scottish Government’s investment, ahead of her visit to Scotland today [Tuesday].

Comments last week by UK government Minister Lord Duncan hinted that the UK government would “only spend money on around 30% of projects” – raising concerns about their level of commitment to supporting the Tay Cities Deal. The Tories have already failed to match the Scottish Government’s spending on existing City Region deals across Scotland – falling short by over £300 million in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh and Stirling and Clackmannanshire.

In a joint-letter to the Prime Minister, the SNP Parliamentarians also raised concerns over the impact of Brexit on the Tayside region – including the scuppering of Dundee’s European Capital of Culture bid, and the problems being faced by the soft fruit industry due to a lack of migrant workers caused by the Tory ‘hostile environment’.

Commenting, SNP MP Pete Wishart said:

“It’s time for the Prime Minister to make a firm commitment to the Tayside region.

“We are already suffering badly as a result of Theresa May’s Brexit – with our soft fruit sector being hit by a lack of migrant workers, and having had Dundee’s Capital of Culture bid torpedoed last year.

“It’s simply not good enough for them to continue dragging their heels on the Tay Cities Deal – we need this investment and need it now.

“Crucially, we cannot afford for the UK government to fail to match the Scottish Government’s commitment to our towns and cities.

“They’ve already sold Scotland short to the tune of £300 million in the current round of City Region deals by failing to match the Scottish Government’s investment, with the Scottish Government having to make additional funding available outside of City Deals to support valuable projects the UK Government turned down.

“This week gives the Prime Minister the perfect opportunity to invest in Tayside – and people across the region will be expecting her to do exactly that.”



The Scottish Government is investing the following in city region deals in Scotland:
Glasgow - £520,000,000
Aberdeen - £379,000,000
Inverness - £135,000,000
Edinburgh - £300,000,000
Stirling -      £45,100,000 + extra £5,000,000
SG Total = £1,384,100,000
The UK Government is investing the following in city region deals in Scotland: 
Glasgow - £523,670,000
Aberdeen - £125,000,000
Inverness - £53,100,000
Edinburgh - £300,000,000
Stirling -   £45,100,000
UKG Total = £1,046,870,000

Letter to the Prime Minister: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/4fae14f57a18ee08253ffc251/files/5aab914f-ba3e-483d-b8f4-48fc46605911/Tay_City_PM_letter.pdf

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