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Latest statistics on Scotland’s population have underlined the need for Holyrood to be given full powers over migration in order to grow our working age population – with Tory control of migration costing Scotland dearly.

Government figures released today show that the number of households of those aged 70 or over is projected to increase by 58 per cent, compared to an increase of just 2 per cent for those under 70 – making crystal clear the need for migrants to come to Scotland to help tackle demographic challenges and to help protect our public services such as the NHS.
The Scottish Parliament voted in favour of devolving powers over migration earlier this year – yet the Tory government stubbornly retains these powers at Westminster, preventing Scotland from developing a migration system suited to our needs, with Scottish communities acutely exposed to their hostile environment policies. The Scottish Affairs Committee at Westminster today released a report calling on the UK government to consider the impact of their migration policies on Scotland – and areas where powers could be devolved, including on student visas.

And the recent Sustainable Growth Commission report outlined the need for Scotland to grow its population as a way of boosting economic growth now and in the future, to enable us to catch up and compete with other successful small, independent countries.
Commenting, SNP MSP Angela Constance said:
“The Tories’ toxic approach to migration is costing Scotland dearly.
“Their ‘hostile environment’ policies are driving people away from Scotland, making it so much more difficult for us to attract the people with skills that we need to come and work in our communities.  
“These latest stats make it abundantly clear we need powers over migration now in order to protect our public services and NHS.
“As outlined in the recent Sustainable Growth Commission report, migrants and population growth will play a key part in growing Scotland’s economy and allowing us to compete with other successful small independent countries.
“We need the powers to do things differently – for example, if we were to retain just 5,000 more international graduates in Scotland each year we’d boost the economy by £1.5 billion each year.  
“The Tories should give Scotland these powers over migration now, as the Scottish Parliament voted for earlier this year - if they won’t do the right thing by our economy and community they should hand over the powers and stop blocking progress.
“We need to develop our own migration system to attract more people to live and work here – it’s time the UK government gave us the ability to do just that.”
Scotland's household numbers projected to increase by almost a third of a million over 25 years: 
Scottish Affairs Committee report: 

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