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Tha BPA SNP airson nan Eilean Siar Alasdair Allan ag iarraidh air Ministreachd an Dìon (MoD) inbhe ionad-glèidhte mara eachdraidheil a thoirt air làrach an HMY Iolaire fo ‘The Protection of Military Remains Act 1986.’

Chaidh an HMY Iolaire fodha air madainn na Bliadhn’ Ùire 1919 an dèidh dhì a dhol air na creagan dà mhìle bho Chala Steòrnabhaigh far an robh teaghlaichean a’ feitheamh gus fàilte a chuir air na ceudan a bha a’ tilleadh dhachaigh bhon Chogadh Mhòr.
Thug an tubaist uabhasach bàs do chòrr is dà cheud is aon neach agus fhuair 82 gu tìr le am beatha. Cha d’fhuair iad lorg a-riamh air timcheall air trian de na chaidh an call an oidhche ‘ud air Biastan Thuilm.
Tha latha na Bliadhn’ Ùire 2019 a’ comharrachadh ceud bliadhna bhon tubaist mhòr agus tha grunn thachartasan chuimhneachaidh a’ dol air adhart sna h-Eileanan mar chuimhneachan air laoich na h-Iolaire.
Thuirt Alasdair Allan, BPA airson na h-Eileanan an Iar:
“Thug call na h-Iolaire buaidh mhòr air coimhearsnachdan Leòdhais is na h-Hearadh.
“Cha mhòr gun robh teaghlach as an eilein nach do chaill duine san tubaist, agus tha na thachair an-diugh fhathast a’ toirt buaidh air muinntir an àite. Mar as fhaisg a thig sinn air cuimhneachan nan ceud bliadhna, nam bheachdsa, tha e cudthromach gu bheil an làraich air a chomharrachadh mar uaigh-chogaidh mara gus a dhìon agus gus am bi cuimhne againn air seòladairean air bòrd na h-Iolaire a thug an cuid seirbheis seachad dhan dùthaich tro bhliadhnaichean a’ Chogaidh Mhòir agus a chaill am beatha cho faisg air an dachaigh.
“Tha mi an dòchas gun aontaich an MoD ris an iarrtas seo.”



SNP MSP for the Western Isles Alasdair Allan is calling on the Ministry of Defence to designate the site of HMY Iolaire as a protected place under The Protection of Military Remains Act 1986.

HMY Iolaire sank on 1 January 1919 after striking rocks two miles from Stornoway where families were waiting to welcome home World War I servicemen.

Eighty-two servicemen survived and over 201 servicemen died in this tragic incident. Around a third of those known to be lost were never recovered from the sea and the wreck remains their final resting place.

This New Year’s Day marks the centenary of the disaster and there are a range of events taking place in the islands to commemorate those who were lost.

Alasdair Allan MSP for the Western Isles said:

“The sinking of HMY Iolaire off Lewis on the Beasts of Holm has left an indelible impression on the islands of Lewis and Harris.

“There was barely a family on the island that didn’t lose a relative in the Iolaire disaster and even now it is still very raw in people’s minds. As we approach the centenary of the sinking, it is important that the site is designated as a military maritime grave to both protect the site and commemorate the immeasurable sacrifice of those who served their country in a time of war and lost their lives so tragically close to home.

“I hope the Ministry of Defence will react positively to this request.”

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