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SNP MSP Joan McAlpine has warned that Tory immigration policies are “harming the NHS”, citing the case of aspiring midwife, Dami Samuel, who has had her right to study in the UK revoked by the Home Office, despite living here her whole adult life.

Dami secured a place to study midwifery in the UK two years ago before the Home Office refused her family’s visa application and has since refused to give a decision on the family’s Leave to Remain application.  
The family, living in Dumfries, have been left destitute by the UK Government, whose actions are legally preventing them from working and leaving them ineligible for benefits. Since 2016, the family has been supported by charities, mainly the Dumfries and Galloway First Base organisation.
Scottish Health Secretary Shona Robison is meeting the young, aspiring midwife in the Scottish Parliament to discuss her situation today. 
MSP for the South of Scotland, Joan McAlpine said:
“Dami is an extremely bright and talented young woman who considers Scotland her home and wants to work in our NHS – but she is being denied that chance by Theresa May’s callous immigration policies, despite living in the UK since she was 12 years old. 
“Dami’s mum worked as a nurse in London for two years, and now the Home Office has taken away Dami’s university place to study midwifery while they force her family through a protracted appeals process. The Tory Government has confiscated Dami’s passport and other official documents. It’s an appalling way to treat anyone.
“I am delighted that the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Health Shona Robison is meeting with Dami today – Ms Robison knows the difficulties the UK’s vindictive immigration policies cause for recruitment to Scotland’s NHS. 
“The SNP will continue doing whatever we can to support Dami and her family, but the sad fact is that Westminster holds the power.
“Home Office ‘hostile environment’ policies are harming the NHS - it’s time for the full devolution of immigration to Scotland.”

Health Secretary Shona Robison said:

“Dami is clearly a compassionate young woman and I was saddened to hear about what Dami and her family are going through. The fact the Home Office is denying her right to study midwifery at university is an injustice for Dami, her family and our NHS. 

“We benefit enormously from the contribution made by staff from other countries and we want to expand our international recruitment efforts. The Home Office must stop dragging its feet and grant the family the right to live and work where they have lived for over eight years.”
Dami will be in the Holyrood today as a guest of Joan McAlpine.

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