Monday, 18 June 2018 17:16


Following David Mundell’s failure to protect Scotland’s interests in Cabinet and the UK government’s “shameful” pursuit of a power grab on Holyrood, SNP MSP Mairi Gougeon has called on Brexit Secretary David Davis to appear before the Scottish Parliament’s Europe Committee. 

David Mundell failed to bring forward promised amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill at the report stage, which would have protected devolution. In a BBC interview yesterday, he closed the door on a further devolution deal and, revealingly, confirmed to the House of Commons last week that Scotland is merely “part” of the UK, as opposed to an “equal partner”. 
Despite previous assurances that David Davis would give evidence at Holyrood – allowing MSPs the chance to scrutinise the UK government’s Brexit plans and the impact this will have upon Scotland – he has so far failed to make good on this commitment. 
Today’s call is the seventh by the SNP since the EU referendum in 2016, and comes at a crucial time as the UK government seems intent on ripping up the devolution settlement under the cover of Brexit – the process which David Davis leads in the UK government. Mr Davis has only visited Scotland once in an official capacity since the Brexit vote.
Commenting, SNP MSP Mairi Gougeon, who sits on the Europe and External Relations Committee in the Scottish Parliament, said:
“The Tories are tearing up the devolution settlement before our eyes. But we cannot allow them to get away with it. 
“It’s now abundantly clear that David Mundell has failed Scotland in the Cabinet, and people have seen through his excuses and bluster. 
“It’s now imperative that the UK government explains how it will navigate the unfolding constitutional crisis, and it’s clear that the Secretary of State for Scotland isn’t up to that job.
“David Davis, the man behind Westminster’s Brexit agenda and its severe implications for Scotland, has many questions to answer. 
“How can he justify a power grab when the fate of key Scottish industries is at stake? 
“How will Scotland defend our interests from being bargained away in a trade deal with Trump when key powers have been grabbed by the Tories? 
“How can he justify the cost to Scottish jobs, living standards and our economy of crashing out of Europe? 
“It’s high time that David Davis came out of hiding and gave MSPs the much-needed answers to these important questions.” 
FOI attached showing David Davis has only visited Scotland on one occasion since the EU referendum in June 2016.

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