Friday, 15 June 2018 17:05


Joanna Cherry QC MP has described changes to UK government immigration policy as “too little too late.”

The MP said the rule changes announced today - which includes relaxing rules for doctors and nurses from outside of the EU - do not go far enough, and Theresa May’s hostile environment policy towards migrants is alive and well.  

 Joanna Cherry QC MP commented:

"This is too little too late – we are absolutely no further forward or enlightened about the UK Government’s long term immigration plans with this time limited solution.

"With each kick of the can down the road by the Home Office we miss a vital opportunity to provide assurances to both employers and those who seek to come here.

"The UK Government has repeatedly promised an immigration white paper and an immigration bill over the past year without delivery. Once again, the Home Office seeks only to paper over the cracks in its chaotic and damaging immigration system.

"The SNP has repeatedly pressed the UK government to scrap the damaging Tier 2 visa cap as it favours higher salaried jobs in London and the South East which is a crude metric for assessing “skill”. This cap fails to recognise the specific needs of Scotland’s economy, causing harm to businesses, the economy and key public services that are seeking to recruit important skilled staff.

"The Scottish Government have set out the overwhelmingly strong case for Scotland to have the power to tailor its own immigration policy to reflect its own unique circumstances. The proposals set out in a discussion paper on migration published in February have set out proposals for ways for Scotland to have a greater say on UK migration policy including; a Scotland specific migration system, setting of specific criteria to address Scotland’s needs, a new body to administer the policy and powers to make it easier for migrants’ family members to join them in Scotland.’’

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