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The SNP’s Depute Leader in Westminster, Kirsty Blackman MP, will open the SNP’s Spring Conference today (Friday) with the party marking eleven years in government. The Aberdeen North MP will say that the SNP is entering a new, exciting debate about the future of Scotland.

The two-day event opens on Friday morning with the announcement of the new Depute Leader and closes on Saturday afternoon with a keynote address from Nicola Sturgeon.

The 2,000-plus delegates will also hear from Deputy First Minister John Swinney, Westminster Leader Ian Blackford, Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman and Brexit Minister Michael Russell.
Addressing delegates, Kirsty Blackman will say the constitutional conference will provide a platform for the SNP to restructure, ensuring the party’s new, much larger membership can have even more of a say in party policy.

The Aberdeen North MP will also say that Scotland can have a brighter future if we continue to drive forward progressive policies in health, education and the economy, as well as challenging the Tories' chaotic Brexit. 

Commenting ahead of conference, Kirsty Blackman MP said:

“I’m delighted to welcome SNP Conference to my home city of Aberdeen.

“This week we learnt that people in Scotland are more optimistic about their future than anywhere else across the UK. This positive view that Scotland’s best days lie ahead are reflected in the ambition that we as a party have for the nation. 

“As Labour and the Tories are blinkered by the despair and chaos of Brexit, the SNP is focused on hope and ambition for Scotland. 

“Scotland can have a brighter future with the SNP’s progressive approach to health, education and the economy, and, at Westminster and at Holyrood, we’ll continue to lead the opposition to the Tories' job-destroying Brexit. 

“In Aberdeen, the SNP has overseen huge investment, including the first new council housing in a generation, a new dental school, new health village and 10 new schools. And we're investing in a new trauma centre, the AWPR and dualling the railway line north. 

“Scotland wide, following a successful pilot scheme in this great city, we recently became the first government in the UK to provide help for women and girls unable to afford essential sanitary protection.

“And the Scottish Government are, in areas where Scotland has the powers, helping people with the cost of living - setting a minimum school uniform grant to £100 and revolutionising childcare provision.  

“We’ve held Westminster to account every step of the way on their disastrous plans to damage Scotland’s economy by taking us out of the EU, the single market and the customs union. 

“In contrast, the Tories are travelling back in time, cutting spending, cutting public services and cutting off our relationship with Europe to appease the right wing Brexiteers while Labour are making the wrong choices, offering nothing for Scotland, bridled by their own disarray and completely lacking in leadership.

“Over the next two days the SNP will debate the positive ideas that can take Scotland forward and replace the despair of Brexit with hope and optimism for our country."

Notes - all attending SNP conference can access the app here. All passes have a log in number. 

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