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As the SNP meets for its National Conference in Aberdeen, a new YouGov poll shows support for the party on the up – proving that the SNP is delivering for Scotland and winning the argument over Scotland’s future.

The SNP has increased its lead by 4 points since the beginning of the year for Westminster voting intentions – commanding a 13-point lead over the Tories and a 17-point lead over Labour. At Holyrood, a 3% increase in the constituency vote leaves the Tories trailing by 14 points and Labour 19 points behind.
The overall trend shows Labour’s vote is on the slide with their boasts of a resurgence under Richard Leonard failing to materialise. On these figures the SNP would gain an additional eight seats in a Westminster poll, while Labour would retain only one.
The poll, published in today’s Times, also shows support for independence holding firm, with the immediacy of Brexit having a clear impact upon people’s views.
Commenting, Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:
“This is an extraordinary endorsement of our record in government, with people continuing to put their trust in the SNP to deliver for Scotland.
“But it also shows that we’re winning the argument over Scotland’s future – how best we keep driving our country forward, delivering the best public services anywhere in the UK and building a fairer country.
“Our vision to create a successful economy and flourishing, inclusive society could not be further at odds with despair and chaos of Brexit from the Tories.  
“But these figures will make dismal reading for Labour. They’ve got no credibility on the serious issues we face as a country, Richard Leonard is a struggling leader and that’s why they’re plummeting in the polls.
“The SNP will never take our support for granted. We’ll continue to work hard and set our sights higher still at both Holyrood and Westminster – delivering the very best for Scotland.”

Scottish poll results June 2018. YouGov. June1-5 fieldwork, 1075 adults interviewed.
Figures in brackets are last poll, Jan 2018.
Westminster voting intention, headline figures:
SNP 40  (+4)
Con  27 (+4)
Lab  23 (-5)
LD   7 (+1)
Green 2  (-1)
UKip  1 (-2)
Other 0   (-1)
Westminster seat projection:
SNP 43 (+8)
Con 11 (-2)
LD 4 (n/c)
Lab 1 (-6)
Holyrood constituency vote:
SNP   41 (+3)
Con    27 (+1)
Lab    22 (-1)
LD     6 (-1)
Green 2   (-1)
UKip   1 (-2)
Other  1 (+1)
Holyrood regional list vote
SNP   32 (n/c)
Con    26 (+1)
Lab     21 (-1)
LD       7 (n/c)
Green  9 (-1)
SSP    3 (+2)
UKip   1 (-2)
Other  1 (+1)
Seat allocation:
SNP  54 (-9)
Con   33 (+2)
Lab   26 (+2)
Green 9  (+3)
LD   7  (+2)
Yes 45 (n/c on 2014 referendum)
No 55 (n/c)
These are the full results, including don’t knows,
Yes   41 (+4)
No    50 (n/c)
Not going to vote  3 (-1)
Don’t know  6 (-4)
Refused  1 (+1)
Indyref: in the next five years?
Yes 40  (+4)
No   52 (-2)
DK    8 (-2)
Indyref: after Brexit negotiations have been completed but before exit?
Yes  37 (+2)
No   49 (-2)
DK   14 (n/c)
Indyref: after UK has left the EU?
Yes  37 (+1)
No   48 (+1)
DK   15 (-2)

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