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Ruth Davidson’s reported fury at the prospect of further devolution to Scotland during the 2014 independence referendum raises further concerns about her party's commitment to devolution, after she lent her support to the UK Government’s power grab on Holyrood. 

In extracts from a new biography of the Scottish Tory leader, it is claimed that Ruth Davidson was “f***ing furious” about ‘The Vow’, which committed the Better Together parties to more powers for the Scottish Parliament in a desperate, last ditch attempt to stave off growing support for Scottish independence ahead of the 2014 vote.
The revelation comes on the back of the ongoing debate over the Tory Brexit power grab, with the UK Government trying to take powers away from the Scottish Parliament, aided and abetted by Ruth Davidson’s party. 
Commenting, SNP MSP Ash Denham, who sits on Holyrood’s Constitution Committee, said:
“These latest revelations prove once again that Ruth Davidson’s commitment to devolution in Scotland is about as paper-thin as the rest of her policy platform. 
“The Tories now think they can do anything they want to Scotland and get away with it.
“Ms Davidson won the support of the Tory grassroots by telling them she’d draw a ‘line in the sand’ against any further powers, but ditched that as soon as she realised how unpopular it would be with everyone else. Now it seems that even that commitment was itself just a ploy and that she was in fact bitterly opposed to the Vow.
“But Ms Davidson cannot even be trusted with the powers the Scottish Parliament already has. When it comes to the EU Withdrawal Bill, first she denied that the Tory government were behind a power grab, and even when every other party in the Scottish Parliament agreed that there was and rejected the Bill, she happily fell into line and voted for it.  
“Every statement Ruth Davidson makes on the powers of the Scottish Parliament is entirely about short-term political calculation and nothing to do with any sincerely held beliefs – it’s almost as if there are several Ruth Davidsons roaming around out there, each acting under orders from Westminster to tell people in their immediate vicinity what they think they want to hear.”

‘Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson was given the most False ratings of any politician on the list, having been caught making three false statements.’ 
‘Ruth Davidson promises no more devolution if she wins Scottish Tory leadership’ 
‘Furious Ruth Davidson ‘urged UK leaders to drop the Vow’’ 

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