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Delegates will gather in Aberdeen next week (Friday 8 and Saturday 9 June) for the SNP conference, with the party marking eleven years in government and promising to deliver on its “most ambitious policy programme to date”. 

The two-day event opens on Friday morning with the announcement of the new Depute Leader and closes on Saturday afternoon with a keynote address from Nicola Sturgeon. 

2,000-plus delegates will also hear from deputy first minister John Swinney, Westminster leader Ian Blackford, social security minister Jeanne Freeman and Brexit minister Michael Russell.

Commenting ahead of SNP conference, the SNP’s Business Convener Derek Mackay MSP said:

“The SNP heads to Aberdeen next week in great spirits, and for good reason.

“We know that Scotland can have a brighter future if we continue to drive forward progressive policies in health, education and the economy, as well as challenging the Tories chaotic job destroying Brexit. 

“While Labour and the Tories are blinkered by negativity and the chaos of Brexit - the SNP is focused on hope and ambition for Scotland and committed to delivering our most ambitious policy programme to date. 

“In recent months Scotland has become the first country in the world to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol.  A policy which will help tackle our country’s relationship with booze - and one that will save lives.

“But good governments shouldn’t make big changes because they’re easy or popular – they should do them for the right reasons, building consensus wherever possible.

“Last week we became the first government in the UK to provide help for people unable to afford essential sanitary protection.

“We’ve also introduced the toughest climate change legislation in the world.

“We’ve set a progressive budget - reducing taxes for those on low incomes, protecting the majority of tax payers and asking those who earn the most to contribute more to protect vital public services like our NHS.

“We’ve passed the legislation to establish Scotland’s Social Security system and to drive action to reduce child poverty, despite austerity imposed on Scotland by the Tories. 

“We’ve doubled the budget for research and development to help grow our economy and begun the creation of a Scottish National Investment Bank and we’ve held Westminster to account every step on the way on their disastrous plans to damage Scotland’s economy by taking us out of the EU, the single market and the customs union and to overrule the Scottish Parliament in order to do it.

"In contrast, the Tories are travelling back in time, cutting spending, cutting public services and cutting off our relationship with Europe to appease the right wing Brexiteers on Theresa May’s backbenches while Labour are making the wrong choices, bridled by their own disarray and completely lacking in leadership.

"Ours is a positive ambition for Scotland – how we create a successful economy and a flourishing, inclusive society.

"We look forward to leading that debate, and turning our hopes for Scotland into a reality.”

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