Thursday, 01 March 2018 11:24


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Just a few days of snow and the National Grid warns of gas supply shortages. We had better hope that nothing really serious ever happens if this is the best that the UK government and energy planners can do.
 Billions of tax payer pounds can be made available to prop up greedy and crooked bankers, billions for nuclear weapons illegally threatening mass murder of civilians and television screens are full of news items on British people, many of whom are working, who cannot afford to heat their homes in freezing weather even if the creaking energy supply holds up.
Just another day in broken Britain as the zombie like march to the additional, self inflicted, damage of the Brexit cliff edge continues. 
The "UK Withdrawal from the European Union, Legal Continuity, Scotland, Bill" presented, this week, by the Scottish Government is an important step towards taking control of our own affairs. It is time for change !
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