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The SNP has welcomed a new poll showing a majority of Scots backing Holyrood’s right to decide on holding an independence referendum.

The Survation poll, commissioned by Progress Scotland, found that 61% of Scots backed Holurood deciding on whether to hold an independence referendum, compared to only 39% who thought Westminster should decide.
Polling has consistently shown that a clear majority of people in Scotland back the Scottish Parliament having the final say on an independence referendum and the latest figures show an increase from a comparable question taken in the period before the 2017 election.
SNP Deputy Westminster Leader Kirsty Blackman MP said:
“Decisions about Scotland should be taken by the people who live there, not politicians in Westminster who have no mandate in Scotland.
“The Tories are completely out of step with people in Scotland - it’s clear that people in Scotland want Holyrood to decide on holding a referendum and it cannot be for Boris Johnson to continue to deny that mandate.
“There have already been welcome interventions from some senior Labour members who understand the need to respect Scottish democracy - it’s time the UK government woke up to reality and did the same.
“The SNP won more than 80% of Scotland’s seats at the General Election on a mandate to hold a referendum. Denying Scotland of its right to choose shows just how scared that the Tories are of losing the argument over the Union.”
1. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently declined a request for the Scottish Parliament to decide on holding a Scottish independence referendum. Which parliament do you think should ultimately decide on the holding of a future Scottish independence referendum?

  % Ex DK
The Scottish Parliament 54% 61%
The Westminster Parliament   35%   39%
Don’t know 12%  

2. The next Scottish Parliament election will be held in 2021. If a pro-independence majority is elected to the Scottish Parliament at that election, do you think that the Scottish Parliament should or should not have the power to decide when a future independence referendum is held?

  % Ex DK
In this scenario the Scottish Parliament should have the power
to decide when a future independence referendum is held
50%   58%
In this scenario the Scottish Parliament should not have the power
to decide when a future independence referendum is held
36% 42%
Don’t know 14%  

b) A comparable poll question taken just before the 2017 election showed the following results:
Who do you think should have the right to decide the timing of a referendum in Scotland that would allow the people of Scotland to choose between Brexit and Independence, if it were to happen? Should it be…

  % Ex DK
The Scottish Parliament 50% 56%
The Westminster Parliament        39%    44%
Don’t know 11%  

Survation for SNP; Sample: 1014; Fieldwork: 28-29 March 2017


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