Tuesday, 21 January 2020 07:18


The SNP’s Carol Monaghan MP today challenged the Tories to come clean on whether the UK will continue to participate in the Erasmus programme, asking if it is the Education Secretary or the Prime Minister that is correct on the issue.

Last week at Prime Minister’s Questions, Boris Johnson said Brexit would not pose a threat to the UK continuing to participate in the Erasmus scheme. However, Education Secretary Gavin Williams today confirmed that this question was yet to be decided and would be subject to further negotiations with the EU.

Commenting, the SNP Shadow Secretary for Education, Carol Monaghan MP said:

“It has now been over three years since the EU referendum and the Tories still cannot tell us whether Scottish and UK students will be able to continue to benefit from the hugely successful Erasmus programme – the Prime Minister and Education Secretary are not even on the same page.

“This is yet another example of the Tories’ incompetence and disdain for students they have shown throughout the Brexit process.

“If the Tories drag the UK out of Erasmus, our universities, businesses and research bodies will miss out on opportunities for international collaboration and our young people will be denied the chance to engage in, as they themselves describe it, life-changing experiences.

“This Tory government needs to start appreciating the opportunities that will be lost and start limiting the damage Brexit will cause - they can start by confirming we remain part of Erasmus.”

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