Sunday, 22 December 2019 07:47


A newly-elected SNP MP has vowed to prevent Scotland spending a “final Christmas” in the EU. 
Alyn Smith MP, who was an SNP MEP until he was elected to Westminster this month, renewed SNP calls for Scotland to escape the mess of a Tory Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for. 
The SNP’s alternative Queen’s Speech on 19th December, which called on Westminster to respect Scotland’s right to choose its own future - and escape the chaos of a Tory Brexit, was rejected by MPs in the Commons despite a majority of Scottish MPs backing the plans. 
Alyn Smith MP said: 
“This cannot be Scotland’s last Christmas in the European Union, and SNP MPs will do all we can to ensure that Scotland can escape the mess of Brexit. 
“The people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the EU in 2016, and people in Scotland cannot be dragged out of Europe against the wishes of our people. 
“Scotland is a European nation and our EU membership must be protected from a destructive Tory Brexit. The risk of losing 100,000 jobs in Scotland, and a Brexit money-grab of £2,300 from every person per year with a hard Brexit, is simply not worth taking. 
“Scotland cannot afford to stay a member of the UK in an increasingly insular Brexit Britain. Only by taking our seat at the table with other independent European nations can Scotland escape the chaos of Brexit.” 
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