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SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today offered Scotland’s experience to the rest of the UK as it wrestles with the cost of social care.

With parties in England unable to agree to work together or to offer worked out plans, the First Minister and SNP leader said that while the system in Scotland can always be improved – the SNP could help Westminster parties work through the social care crisis in England.

Speaking after last night's ITV debate where UK parties failed to get to grips with the issue, Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Scotland’s unique system is one that all parties support and that we know works

“Free personal care for the elderly was introduced in 2002, against the wishes of Westminster parties who used it to cut social security funding to older people in Scotland.

“Now we have extended that free personal care to all those under 65 who need it.

“And from the next parliament we will work to abolish social care charges.

“While there are still residential costs for some of those who require residential care, the level at which individuals have to make payments is higher than in England, and the cap is lower – meaning older people are less likely to be hit with bills they can’t afford – and no one needs to sell their home upfront.

“In addition all staff are paid at least the real living wage.

“And while we can always do better, and continually work to improve the system  and the care people receive, the SNP at Westminster can help other parties see the sensible solution that already exists.

"A strong group of SNP MPs at Westminster can mean an escape from Brexit and a choice over Scotland's future, but we will always be best friends and allies to the rest of the UK and this is one way in which our experiences can help improve things for other parts of the UK."

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