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Labour must confirm whether they’ll stand up for the principles of devolution or side with the Tories over their power grab, the SNP has said.

The Tory EU Withdrawal Bill would enable the powers of the Scottish Parliament to be constrained without Holyrood’s consent – fundamentally undermining the devolution settlement.
Michael Russell has set out what changes to the Withdrawal Bill the Scottish Government would expect before it recommended that the Scottish Parliament give legislative consent.
Former Labour Minister Malcolm Chisholm has said that he hopes “the parties of Devolution will stand with Nicola Sturgeon in defence of the 1998 Scotland Act and the principle of partnership based on consent”.
Commenting, SNP MSP Ivan McKee said:
“The Tories think they can do anything they want to Scotland and get away with it – the question is whether Labour will stand alongside them or stand up for Scotland’s Parliament.
“Any attempt to constrain the Scottish Parliament’s existing powers without consent – powers championed by Donald Dewar and voted for by the people of Scotland – is a power grab and completely unacceptable.
“The SNP is not opposed to having shared frameworks across the whole of the UK, but these must be agreed by consent – not orders handed down by Tory Ministers.
“The fundamental principle of devolution is that all areas not reserved by the Scotland Act are the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament. The EU Withdrawal Bill, as it stands, tramples all over that principle.
“It’s time for Labour to say whether they’ll roll over for the Tories or stand up against this power grab.”

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