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Over half of disability benefit appeals in Scotland are successful, figures uncovered under FOI show – exposing the complete failure of the Tory approach to welfare.

The FOI response shows that over 55% of appeals to overturn Personal Independent Payment (PIP) assessments in Scotland were successful in 2016/17.
Just under 8,000 Scots and around 67,000 people in the whole of the UK appealed the private assessors’ decision to take away their disability benefits last year - and 65% of these decisions were overturned overall.
Commenting, SNP MSP Clare Adamson said:
“This revelation exposes how deeply flawed the Tories’ welfare policies are. They are pursuing a punitive, ideologically driven approach that puts penny-pinching before the needs of disabled people.
“PIP assessments can cause angst, grief, stress, and health issues. They are dragging people through the mud, all for nothing.
“Theresa May’s vow to fight against ‘burning injustices’ in her first speech as Prime Minister was simply a lie. The Welfare state under the Tories is a contradiction in terms – they are harming rather than helping people in need in this country.
“With our limited powers over welfare in Scotland, we are building a social security agency with dignity and respect at its heart – but we need full powers over social security, the Tories cannot be trusted to put people’s welfare first.”
In 2016/17, and despite widespread concerns with the system, the DWP spent nearly £255m on private assessors, representing a £40m increase in funding on the previous year.

The DWP has also been exposed for spending £108.1m on the appeals process for disability benefits in just over two years.
Gov’t Office Region            Appeals overturned      Total appeals     Percentage overturned
East Midlands                                   3660                           5020                       73%
East of England                                 2510                           4020                       62%
London                                             5370                           7440                      72%
North East                                         2180                           3870                      56%
North West                                        5520                           9650                      57%
Scotland                                            4240                           7710                      55%
South East                                         4460                           6120                      73%
South West                                        3410                           4520                      75%
Wales                                               4180                            5770                      72%
West Midlands                                   4070                            6310                       64%
Yorkshire/Humberside                        3860                            6290                       61%
66,720 total assessments 43,460 total – over 65% percent.
7710, 4240 – 55% in Scotland and 66720 total assessments 43460 total – over 65% percent.
Details of FOI available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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