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SNP MSP George Adam has today written to Ruth Davidson demanding that she explains whether reports linking the Tories and Cambridge Analytica are accurate – and confirm whether and when the Conservative party has met the firm and if Cambridge Analytica or SCL have done work for the UK Conservative party.

After the First Minister listed a series of well-publicised and as yet unchallenged links between the Tories and the controversial firm, Ruth Davidson dismissed them as “allegations”. Mr Adam has now challenged the Tory leader to set out which, if any, of these links she disputes and on what basis.
In addition, the Conservative party continue to fail to answer questions on whether the party has met or worked with Cambridge Analytica or its parent company SCL at any point – the same questions the SNP has already answered.
The now former Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix told the Westminster Culture Committee in February that they had spoken with “every” political party in the UK, including the Tories.
In a letter to Ms Davidson, Mr Adam wrote:
“At First Minister’s Questions, you dismissed links between Cambridge Analytica and your party as ‘allegations’.
“Cambridge Analytica have themselves confirmed that they have at least had conversations with the Conservative party – and we know that the UK government has given parent firm SCL public contracts.
“Given your declared interest in transparency can you tell me which if any of the following reports you dispute and the factual basis on which you dispute them.
“And can you provide the answers to the questions about Conservative meetings with SCL and Cambridge Analytica that have so far gone unanswered.
“It is true that the UK government gave these contracts to SCL?
“Is it true that SCL Group was reportedly granted provisional ‘List X’ status by the Ministry of Defence granting access to secret documents until 2013?
“Is it true that SCL used to be run by a former chairman of Oxford Conservative Association?
“Is it true that SCL were founded by a former Tory MP, and that your party accepted over £700,000 in donations from an SCL director?
“Is it true that a Cambridge Analytica executive reportedly advised the Foreign Office on lessons gleaned from the Trump election?
“Do you agree that former Scottish Tory candidate and party vice-chairman Richard Cook who is the public face of the Constitutional Research Council, responsible for a £425,000 donation to the DUP’s Brexit campaign which was then partially spent on AggregateIQ – who have been  linked to Cambridge Analytica – should reveal the source of this donation?
“And – crucially – is former Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix correct to have stated in a letter in 2010  that he had worked with the UK Conservative party?
“When Alexander Nix told the Westminster Culture Committee in February that they had spoken with ‘every’ political party in the UK, was he correct to name the Conservatives as a party they had spoken with?
“During First Minister’s Questions you very carefully qualified your claim that your party hadn’t had any communication with Cambridge Analytica – referring only to the Scottish Tories, rather than the parent organisation.
“As you have demanded transparency from others, will you now confirm whether your party, at any level – and not just the Edinburgh office – have met with, hired or in any capacity employed Cambridge Analytica?”

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