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The SNP has warned the UK’s Foreign Secretary against “lapdog diplomacy” with the US and "whitewashing" Trump's record, following his first visit to Washington where he met the US President.

Following his meeting, Dominic Raab stated that the US President was “effusive in his warmth” for the UK. Raab also discussed a post-Brexit trade deal with senior White House officials, which could see the UK’s public services put up for sale.

Donald Trump previously confirmed that in any post-Brexit trade deal everything would be on the table – including the NHS. The rhetoric followed on from similar comments by the US ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, who told the Marr show that the US would seek access to parts of the NHS - allowing American drug firms to hike up prices for vital medicines.

The SNP has consistently warned that Boris Johnson’s plan to make a trade deal with Donald Trump a top priority could “spell disaster for Scotland”, with fears that Trump would force a weakened and desperate UK to sign up to “bargain basement” conditions.

The SNP’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson also added that the visit raised serious questions over the direction the UK was heading, warning that on the international stage the UK must put human rights and international law at the forefront - and not simply kowtow to the Trump administration which could increase tensions and lead to conflict with Iran.

Earlier this month, the UK opted to join the US mission in the Strait of Hormuz – shifting away from European-led efforts.

Stephen Gethins MP, the SNP’s Europe and Foreign Affairs spokesperson, said:

“The Foreign Secretary’s visit to the US and meeting with Donald Trump has raised serious questions about the worrying direction the UK is heading. It is vital that the UK government is not reduced to lapdog diplomacy that would outsource its foreign policy to the whims of the Trump administration.

“Rather than whitewashing Trump’s record or rhetoric, the UK should be putting human rights, respect for all communities and international law at the forefront.

“Our focus should be working closely with - not isolating - our European partners who are closest to us economically, politically and geographically.

“The visit has revealed the depths to which the Tory government will stoop as it pathetically panders to the Trump administration. Time and time again, the US has made clear that the NHS – and everything else – would be on the table in any trade discussions with the UK.

"Yet, Boris Johnson wants to make a deal with Trump a top priority, regardless of the bargain basement conditions demanded by the US – which could see American drug firms hiking up prices for vital medicines, and the lowering of food and environmental standards.

“People in Scotland deserve the choice of a better future than the bleak Brexit Britain being imposed on us. It's clearer than ever that the only way to properly protect Scotland's interests is by becoming an outward-looking, independent European country.”

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