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Brexit Jaws Closing?

Not much has been said here about Brexit in the last few weeks. The reason has been that so many things were happening at once that the over all direction and shape of events was too uncertain. The fog may now be clearing just a little. So here follows a shot at a current summary.

  • Time is now too short to negotiate a withdrawal agreement and a new EU/UK relationship before the leaving date of March 2019.
  • UK economic growth will be significantly more damaged by a 'crash out' Brexit than the damage limitation of a negotiated departure.
  • There will be a border either between the north of Ireland and the Republic or between the island of Ireland and the rest of the UK. Either has serious political and economic dangers.
  • Any alternative trade arrangements for the UK will take many years to agree and cannot be expected to be large enough to fully replace lost EU markets.
  • The incompetence of the UK's Brexit is starting to cost us all now as firms begin to move elsewhere.

After protecting the physical security of its people, one of the top responsibilities of a government is to make the best possible arrangements for the economic welfare of us all. The Tory party has been entirely responsible for the current and coming self harm of Brexit due to its antiquated views of alleged British particularity and its craven caving in to the xenophobia of the absurd UKIP.

Theresa May cannot resolve these contradictions. Alternatives must be found. Scotland can find its own way to economic prosperity and a modern, caring society.


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