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The SNP has said the Tory leadership race is "a total horror show" - that has seen the party lurch even further to the extremes with right-wing policies that would be damaging for Scotland. 

Speaking at Prime Ministers Questions, Ian Blackford MP challenged Theresa May to disown the Tory leadership candidates' extreme proposals, including plans for a No-Deal Brexit, attacks on women's rights, and proposed tax breaks for the rich in England paid for by people in Scotland through increased National Insurance contributions. 

The SNP Westminster Leader urged the Prime Minister to join with the SNP in voting against a No-Deal Brexit in the House of Commons today, and accused the Tories of obsessing over themselves while the clock runs down to Brexit.

Commenting after Prime Ministers Questions, Ian Blackford MP said:

"The Tory Leadership race is turning into a total horror show - as Westminster lurches even further to the extremes with right-wing policies that would be devastating for Scotland. 

"Boris Johnson and his Tory colleagues might be acting the clown - but a catastrophic No-Deal Brexit is no joke. Crashing out of the EU could destroy 100,000 Scottish jobs, cost every person £2,300 a year, and inflict lasting harm on our public services and the economy. 

"Scotland has been ignored throughout the Brexit process - and we now face even more damaging Tory policies being imposed on us against our will. It cannot be right that people in Scotland could soon be forced to pay for Tory tax breaks for the richest people in England. 

"Theresa May once called her own party the 'Nasty Party' - and with policies like these it is clear the Tory government is about to get a whole lot nastier.

"The people of Scotland deserve the choice of a better future than the Brexit shambles offered by Westminster. Scotland can choose to become an independent European nation.

"Any pretence that Scotland will ever be treated as an equal partner in the UK has long gone. It is clearer than ever that the only way to properly protect our interests is with independence."

Ian Blackford MP's exchange with Theresa May at today's Prime Ministers Questions can be viewed at:

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