Monday, 10 June 2019 15:15


The SNP has challenged Ruth Davidson over her backing for Sajid Javid in the Tory leadership contest – after a trail of extreme views on devolution, immigration, and Brexit were exposed.

Mr Javid has described devolution as "nothing short of constitutional vandalism" and claimed that it was only "done to shore up support for Labour".
Sajid Javid has also backed a No Deal Brexit, which would be devastating for Scotland – costing 100,000 jobs and resulting in a recession worse than 2008.
This week, the current Home Secretary was invited to visit Dungavel House, after damning new evidence exposed a number of detentions of children and pregnant women at the immigration facility on his watch.
Commenting, Linda Fabiani MSP said:
“Ruth Davidson likes to pretend that the Tories in Scotland are a breed apart – but in backing another hard-line Brexiteer, she’s just like any other Tory.
“The Conservative and Unionist party always put Westminster first – and Sajid Javid’s hostility to power in the hands of the Scottish people speaks volumes. He wants to reverse the progress of twenty years of devolution.
“In backing Javid, Ruth Davidson is sending a clear message that she thinks mistreating migrants and keeping families seeking asylum behind barbed wire is acceptable.
“After being hammered in the most recent EU polls, you’d think Ruth Davidson would have realised that the wishes of the people of Scotland shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.
“As the UK looks set to take a further lurch to the right under a new Prime Minister, Scotland must be given the opportunity to choose a different path.”

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