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The SNP is succeeding against Westminster despair, as a new poll reveals support for the Tories and Labour has plummeted as a result of their incompetence over Brexit.

The survey for the Politico website finds that both the government and opposition lack credibility on Brexit in Scotland – highlighting feelings of “deep national discontent” and branding both parties “out-of-touch” and “incompetent.”

According to the poll of a “cluster” of constituencies in Scotland, the Tories and Labour are lagging behind the SNP on key policy issues such as health, housing, education and crime.

Almost 50% of those surveyed believe that the SNP “represents people like me,” in comparison to Labour’s 22.1% and the Tories’ 14.3%.

SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“This latest poll highlights a complete lack of trust in both the Tories and Labour. Both parties have repeatedly proven they have nothing to offer Scotland but economic chaos, division and incompetence.  

“People across the UK – whether they voted Leave or Remain – have been badly let down by both Labour and the Tories, and will not forget the speed and scale with which both parties have broken their promises.

“The SNP is the only party standing up for Scotland, putting our economic interests first and providing opposition to a cliff-edge Brexit.

“Our positive message of hope could not be more at odds with the chaos and despair coming from the Westminster parties, which is why the people of Scotland deserve the opportunity to choose a different future.”



How well do you think these parties would handle each of the following issues?

  SNP Labour Tory
  Score Score Score
Britain leaving the EU 4.01 2.8 2.67
Crime 4.25 3.14 3.26
Health 4.41 3.63 3.31
Immigration and asylum 4.08 2.9 3.11
Economy 4.13 2.94 3.46
Taxation 3.96 3.18 3.27
Housing 4.33 3.46 2.94
Education 4.4 3.49 3.37
Transport 4.02 3.24 3.12
Climate Change 4.09 3.14 2.98
Defence & Security 3.97 3.07 3.77
Average for 11 Issues 4.15 3.18 3.21
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